Why Should Someone Consider Becoming Catholic?


You should only consider becoming Catholic if:

You understand that the Church St. Peter established in Rome around the year 42 AD is the very same Church that was born on Pentecost, in Jerusalem, and the very same Church that has been known around the world as Catholic, since at least 107 AD.

You understand that it was the Catholic Church that compiled, wrote, and certiifed ALL the authentic scriptures, translating the Bible into the common language of the people, by the end of the 4th century.

You understand that the Bible will always remain a Catholic book, written by Catholics, for Catholics, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and that the NT of the Bible reflects only authentic Catholic beliefs and practices.

You want to meet Christ in the flesh, BEFORE you stand before him in Judgment.

You want to understand and appreciate ALL that God has revealed, for the purpose of our salvation.

You prefer the clear and constant guidance of the authentic Church, to the 50,000 or so various “anointed” interpretations of scripture, and to the millions of self declared “preachers” who claim to “know” widely differing versions of God’s truth.

You want to have an ongoing personal relationship with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit … along with all the angels and saints.

You want to regularly participate in the very same sacrifice, and obtain the very same blessings, that flowed from Christ’s one time, once for all, eternal sacrifice for sin, on the cross at Calvary.

You appreciate the on-going, 2000 year tradition of the finest, God-inspired theological scholarship that the world has ever known … along with a complete and correct official Catechism that clearly defines all the truths of the faith.

You find crackers and grape juice to be somewhat “less filling” than the real and substantial body, blood, soul, and divinity of the risen Jesus Christ.

You appreciate the peace of mind that comes with KNOWING for sure that God has forgiven ALL your sins … right here and right now … without exception.

You like being part of the living sacred Tradition that is the authentic Christian Church … the People of God … and the Mystical Body of Christ.

You actually believe the Bible when it shows Jesus giving sweeping, unprecedented, unrestricted, and everlasting power and authority to St. Peter, to the apostles, and to their duly ordained successors, for the purpose of our salvation … and to no other persons, groups, or books.

You understand that it’s no coincidence the Catholic Church has outlasted every other world government of any kind, and that the nations still look to the Vatican for “light” and for “salt”.

You realize that the discovery of the bones of St. Peter beneath the basilica in the Vatican, during mid 20th century excavations, means that Jesus really wasn’t kidding, when he said, “Thou art Peter, and upon this Rock I will build my Church.”

You realize that corruption and sin has plagued the Church since Judas, that evil will never stop attacking the Church, both from within and without, yet the Church will always remain one, holy, and without blemish, because it belongs to God.

You have faith in Christ … in ALL that he did for us, and in ALL that he promised, without exception or limitation.

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