Some of You May Remember the Reformation – by Mark Shea

Some of You May Remember the Reformation – by Mark Shea

March 11, 2008

What to my wondering eyes appeared on my computer screen a few months back but a big advertisement from something called “Paula White Ministries”. It had that sort of “Oprah” vibe to it that many non-denominational “women’s ministries” do. Unlike the martial vibe one gets from male-run Evangelical outfits that are about “Fighting for the Truth!” and “Making an Impact on this Generation for Jesus Christ!” Oprahfied non-denom women’s ministries tend to make you think of The View or “Cawfee Tawk” or Susan Powter-plus Jesus.

So what’s Paula all about? Well, in her email, she was inadvertently illustrating that Catholic teaching is a boomerang. When you throw some of it away, it tends to come back and hit you in the head from unexpected angles. Permit me to explain …

Click here to link to the rest of this “Catholic Exchange” article.

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