Christians- When do you think the tribulation will begin?

Q: Christians- When do you think the tribulation will begin?

A: Based on what little we can glean from scripture: The great tribulation will begin some three and one half years after the anti-christ comes to power, shortly after he claims to be God, “proves” it with lying signs and wonders, and somehow brings an end to the worldwide daily sacrifice of the Mass.

The exact date remains known only to God.

For many insights into how all of this will transpire, see the Book of Exodus and the Book of Ezekiel.

The Book of Revelation and the Book of Daniel don’t actually reveal much, by way of specific details.

The important things to remember, in order to avoid being deceived by anti-christ, should this event occur during your lifetime: The Anti-Christ will come BEFORE the real Jesus returns … and nobody … not even the devil … has the power to “fake” the Resurrection … where EVERYONE who ever lived receives brand new, glorified, Resurrection bodies … just like the one Jesus already has. 

Disclaimer: “Your mileage may vary.” (Nobody can be absolutely sure about their understanding of all this.)

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