I have religious beliefs that differ so I’d like advice from Unitarians, Humanists, Christians, Catholics?

Q: I’m Catholic, but I have religious beliefs that differ so I’d like advice from Unitarians, Humanists, Christians, Catholics?

A: People have the right to do what’s best for themselves … or not.

That’s why there’s a heaven, and that’s why there’s a hell.

That’s also why there’s the authentic Church … the Catholic Church … and all the rest.

There’s Catholics who follow the teachings of Christ and the apostles, and therefore the Church … and there’s people like yourself.

Make up your mind, already!

The Catholic Church long ago explained all that’s explainable about the Christian faith, and only a few unsolvable mysteries remain.

Study authentic Catholic theology, and you can’t miss.

Try to reason things out in your own head, without the guidance of the Catholic Church, and you play right into the hands of the devil.


  1. Why do Catholics oftentimes refer to Catholic theologies which is against the bible?The bible should be the primary source of Christian teachings.

    • There is absolutely nothing in the Bible that is contrary to the authentic Catholic faith. Jesus gave the authority to forgive sins, to teach and to baptize to the apostles, who were the first bishops of the Catholic Church. At that time, there was no Bible, only a collection of Jewish scriptures, which provided absolutely no insight into the administration of the New Covenant, Christian Church. For the first 400 years of the Church, there was no Bible either, so how could the Bible be the primary source of Christian teachings? The Catholic Church, guided by the Holy Spirit, who was promised by Jesus Christ to be the constant guide of the authentic Church, remains the primary authority for the Christian faith, just as it has always been, ever since the first Christian Pentecost. Hence, there is only one authentic interpreter of the Bible, the same Catholic Church that compiled, certified, wrote and translated it. Any person or group who attempts to interpret the Bible in opposition to the teachings of the Catholic Church is simply wrong.

    • The Catholic Church, infallibly guided by the Holy Spirit and headed by Jesus Christ, is the primary source of all Christian teachings. The Church predates the Bible by around 400 years, and even if that were not the case, only the Catholic Church is authorized as the definitive interpreter of the scriptures. Protestants didn’t show up until 1500 years later, and they built a whole new religion around a thoroughly Catholic holy book, currently interpreting the Bible about 40,000 different ways. A modern Tower of Babel.

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