Confession….How do you repent…are you sure you’re forgiven?

Q: Confession….How do you repent…are you sure you’re forgiven?

A: The first thing Jesus did after he rose again from the dead was to give the apostles the power to forgive sins, in his name.

It was the most radical, head-on attack against the forces of Satan, sin, and death that the world has ever known … and it still is … yet protestants conveniently ignore the plain text of the scriptures, in this regard.

 They also fail to realize that, outside the sacrament of reconciliation … where only a FIRM PURPOSE of REPENTANCE is required … merely telling God you’re sorry for your sins is typically not enough … one must also ACTUALLY REPENT of one’s sins, to be assured of forgiveness.

This leaves many in danger of eternal Judgment … and come Judgment Day, it will be too late to do anything about it.

Catholics … thanks to Christ … the Church … and the great sacrament of reconciliation … need not worry about such things … since through the sacrament … when they make a “good confession” … they have Jesus’ assurance that ALL of their sins have been absolutely forgiven … without exception or qualification.

In this, Catholics have always enjoyed the “better part”.

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