Former Altar Boy Weisner – Now Abortion Advocate – To Speak

Noted abortion promoter, Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner, is seen in the photo above, speaking to the 2007 graduating class at Marmion Academy.

Mayor Weisner reminded the graduates that to whom much is given, much is expected.

“Go, then, gentlemen. Fulfill both your dreams and the gospel of Christ,” Mayor Weisner challenged the graduates. “Make your fortune. Make a lasting impact on the world. Make us proud.”

Blogger’s note: One should ask the folks at Marmion what they were thinking, inviting a pro-abortion “Catholic” hack politician like Weisner to “preach” on campus. Furthermore, what kind of message does that send to the students?  Are Catholic men supposed to make a fortune by facilitating the slaughter of innocent babies in their towns? How is that supposed to engender pride?

Now Weisner plans to speak in his home town of Batavia … 

The Donovan Bridge in Batavia – also known as the Wilson Street bridge -will be officially rededicated in honor of longtime Batavia religious leader William J. Donovan, now that reconstruction is nearly complete.

Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner, who grew up in Batavia, will speak. Weisner served for 10 years as an altar boy at Holy Cross Catholic Church during Donovan’s tenure. Monsignor Daniel Deutsch, the current head priest at Holy Cross, will offer a blessing.

Blogger’s note: One can only hope Monsignor Deutsch will have the “guts” to ask Weisner what in the hell he’s doing there, desecrating the memory and the legacy of a good Catholic priest.

In a 2006 Daily Herald article about growing up in Batavia, Weisner spoke of the influence Donovan had on him: “He would always take the time to talk with me after Mass. He was a wonderful man. I got to observe him in the way he dealt with others of all faiths. He was a very humanistic Christian and taught me a lot.”

Blogger’s note: Father Donovan evidently failed to mention that cooperating with abortionists is evil, constitutes a grave sin, and that such actions can easiy lead to spending lots and lots of quality time with Satan, the devil. Or maybe Weisner just wasn’t listening.

Weisner ought to know that the Catholic Church, since early in the first century, has consistently taught that abortion is intrinsically evil, that all human life is sacred, and that anyone who willingly cooperates in such evil typically commits a mortal sin.

If Weisner had a Catholic bone in his body, and if he really wanted to make a lasting impact on the world, he would bull-doze the Aurora Abortion Fortress … the same way Chicago’s scandalously pro-abort Mayor Daley took out the late, great, Meigs Field.

That … and nothing less … might make us proud of him!

Read the Entire Daily Herald Article

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