Sexual sins, craved by the lusts of the eyes and flesh, lead to death and hell.

Samson and Delilah

Keith’s weekly Bible study reminds us that God’s precepts and people’s weaknesses never really change. Here’s some hard-fitting, heavy duty scripture and reflection about sins of the flesh, based on Proverbs, Chapter 5.

You can die more than once; you can go to hell more than once. A whorish woman is a certain way to experience both in this life (2:18-19; 7:27; 9:18). Sexual sins, craved by the lusts of the eyes and flesh, lead to death and hell. The lifestyle of adultery and fornication will destroy your soul, life, and body, and take you to hell here and hereafter. Solomon used this chapter to warn his son, and all men, against fornication (5:1). He offered wisdom, understanding, discretion, and knowledge (5:1-2). He sought to save men from the fascinating temptation and horrible dangers of the strange woman (5:3). He described the painful consequences (5:4-14), the safety in a good marriage (5:15-20), the omniscience of God (5:21), and the judgment for such sins (5:22-23). Solomon had more experience with women than any hundred men. He had 700 wives and 300 concubines, and these were high class (I Kgs 11:3). God gave him exceeding great wisdom and understanding to analyze their danger (I Kgs 4:29). He also knew of his father’s adultery with his mother (II Sam 11:1 – 12:25), his brother Amnon’s incest with his sister (II Sam 13:1-39); his brother Absalom’s folly with his father’s concubines (II Sam 16:21-22); and his brother Adonijah’s obsession with Abishag (II Kgs 2:12-25).

He saw death and hell – a miserable life of pain and trouble – caused by adultery many times. All men die physically, but they can also die to joy and success in this life. Wicked men go to hell after death, but there is another hell in this life – a torturous existence of guilt, misery, defeat, and pain. Scripture commonly uses death and hell in this figurative way (23:14; Ps 18:5; 86:13; 116:3; Jonah 2:2; Luke 15:24; I Tim 5:6; Jas 5:20).

The “other woman” has ripped many homes apart. Children were confused; long-term marriages were violated; soul pain was multiplied. Men have lost their jobs, their focus, their health, their wealth, their wives, their children, their reputations, their confidence, their peace, and their souls by this heinous sin. Its results are truly described as death and hell. Ask any sober man who has come back from its death (5:14; Ps 51:8).

Marc Antony lost Rome, and his life, through love for the seductive Cleopatra. These words – death and hell – perfectly describe Lot, destitute in a cave after impregnating his daughters (Gen 19:30-38), and Samson, blindly grinding for the Philistines (Judges 16:21). Solomon himself knew such women to be more bitter than death (Eccl 7:26).

Yet it is no less true that wicked women take men down to literal death, eternal death, and the lake of fire. How many adulterers have been killed by the jealous spouse of their paramour (6:34-35)? How many whoremongers have died from venereal disease (7:23)? How many have become trapped in sexual addiction (5:22-23; 6:32; Hos 4:11)?

All whoremongers, unless the Lord Jesus Christ makes an exception by grace, as in the case of David, will be in the lake of fire (Rev 21:8; I Cor 6:9-11). Her beautiful feet and mincing steps are not as attractive now, are they, young man? That sexy walk leads to death and hell! Her path of sweet seduction and loving liaisons goes down, down, down!

No wonder the Lord Jesus taught the plucking out of right eyes and cutting off of right hands, rather than following the steps of this cruel fiend to hell (Matt 5:27-30). Paul said, “Flee youthful lusts” (II Tim 2:22). Get far away from her, now (5:8)! She hides the precipice over hell behind her skirts! Step back! Run away! Never go near her again!

Solomon’s own son did not heed this lifesaving advice and warning against strange women. But why should he have? His father’s example was unlimited love of many women. Rehoboam, following dad, foolishly lost ten of Israel’s twelve tribes and desired many wives. He had 18 wives and 60 concubines (II Chron 11:21-23).

Fathers! Teach your sons plainly, practically, and pointedly the dangers of whorish women and fornication. This is no small temptation, especially in our ungodly generation with every former limitation being taken out of the way for greedy lasciviousness. Keep your sons far from her! Teach them to avoid her at all costs! There will be death and hell to pay! Her love is a lie! And her reward is bitter and sharp pain (5:4; 6:28,33; 23:27).

Don’t look at her enticements; look at her path; it leads straight to death and hell(II Thess 2:9-15)!

Written and submitted by Keith F.

More on Infant Baptism

Q: For Adults only … or for babies too?

A: The simple fact is … the Bible provides only a very sketchy account of things … since it was never intended to be a complete narrative.

You can spend all the time you want trying to prove a point from it, but the fact is, the authentic Church routinely baptized people of all ages, from the very beginning, and it still does, simply because it is the logical thing to do, since God desires all to be saved and to come to the knowledge of his truth.

The sooner … the better … since the time for salvation is … now.

God has never experienced any difficulties communicating with the souls he creates and indwells … no matter what their age.

Jer 1:4 And the word of the Lord came to me, saying:
Jer 1:5 Before I formed thee in the bowels of thy mother, I knew thee: and before thou camest forth out of the womb, I sanctified thee, and made thee a prophet unto the nations.

John’s baptism was merely a symbolic baptism of repentance … a “dress rehearsal” for the real thing … while Christian baptism is authentic and powerful, according to God’s grace, and the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Jews were very familiar and comfortable with ritual washing, since it was routinely required before eating, before entering the temple, etc..

Recent archeological evidence indicates that John would pour water over the heads of the faithful (typically using a sea shell) when the Jordan was running too swiftly, or when the weather was otherwise unsuitable.

Circumcision … not baptism … was the way infants were always inducted into the ranks of the “Chosen People” since it was required under the law.

Baptism was John’s innovation and mission, but it was never required under the law.

St. Paul draws a parallel between circumcision and infant baptism, which is completely logical and perfectly natural for the offspring of Jewish Christian converts.

Infant baptism, as practiced in the Catholic Church, remains the strongest example of salvation with no works at all, courtesy of the grace and power of God, and his faithful and obedient Church.

Even babies are fully capable of receiving gifts. Baptism, and all that goes with it, is the greatest gift of all.

This Week’s Illinois Right To Life Committee Announcements

Pro-Life week in review

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Also please note that IRLC Family Fun Night at Kiddieland is nearly here, coming on Friday September 5, 2008 (get details below).  If you have come to Kiddieland before, you know how everyone enjoys the evening.  If not, consider bringing your children or grandchildren to find out what you have been missing.
News Headlines on Life Issues:
August 21, 2008:
Bush Admin Officially Releases Regulations Protecting Doctors on Abortion
Articles in Prominent Medical Journal Doubt Worth and Benefit of HPV Vaccines
Hodari Abortion Mill Charged With 12 Counts Of Illegal Medical Record Dumping
World Health Organization Promotes Abortion Method in Bangladesh
August 20, 2008:
Planned Parenthood Plays Dirty with Legal Battle Against Aurora Pro-Life Citizens
Success with Re-growing Horse Ligaments Leads to New NIH Adult Stem Cell Center
Guatemalan Cardinal on Abortion: “It is just as serious to kill a 10 year-old child”
August 18, 2008:
Barack Obama Campaign Changes Its Story on Abortion-Infanticide Votes
August 17, 2008:
Post-Abortion Women Challenge Psychologists’ Claim of ‘Harmless’ Abortions
August 15, 2008:
Maryland Officials Drop Charges Against Pro-Life Advocates on Abortion Protest
Woman Awarded $2.78 Million in Malpractice Suit against Planned Parenthood Doctor
Westminster Exorcist Says Promiscuity can Lead to Demonic Possession
Barack Obama Would Reverse President Bush’s Stem Cell Research Policy

The Message of Fatima

The Message of Fatima

The apparitions of Our Blessed Mother at Fatima, Portugal in 1917 stand as one of the most significant historical and prophetic “benchmarks” of modern times.

Never before have we been able to witness prophecy and contemporary history come togther in such a dynamic way.

And since virtually all of the Fatima prophecies came to pass from about 1930 through 1990, the only difficulty that remains is the authentic content of the famous “Third Secret”.

The Vatican has recently expanded the guidance on all of this.

Rather than attempt to summarize that which cannot be summarized, I suggest you click the link below, and peruse the 28 pages of documents, history, and testimony … complete with photostats of Sister Lucia’s own writings … and then make up your own mind.

The Vatican on Fatima, Sister Lucy, and the Third Secret

A True Rosary Story

A True Rosary Story
I can relate to this, for I met Mother Teresa of Calcutta on a plane – Fr. Camacho

Jim Castle was tired when he boarded his plane in Cincinnati, Ohio, that night in 1981. The 45-year-old management consultant had put on a week  long series of business meetings and seminars, and now he sank gratefully into his seat ready for the flight home to Kansas City, Missouri.

As more passengers entered, the place hummed with conversation, mixed with the sound of bags being stowed. Then, suddenly, people fell silent. The quiet moved slowly up the aisle like an invisible wake behind a boat. Jim craned his head to see what was happening, and his mouth dropped open. 

Walking up the aisle were two nuns clad in simple white habits bordered in blue. He recognized the familiar face of one at once, the wrinkled skin, and the eyes warmly intent. This was a face he’d seen in newscasts and on the cover of TIME.

The two nuns halted, and Jim realized that his seat companion was going to be Mother Teresa! As the last few passengers settled in, Mother Teresa and her companion pulled out rosaries. Each decade of the beads was a different color, Jim noticed.

The decades represented various areas of the world, Mother Teresa told him later, and added, “I pray for the poor and dying on each continent.”

The airplane taxied to the runway and the two women began to pray, their voices a low murmur. Though Jim considered himself not a very religious Catholic who went to church mostly out of habit, inexplicably he found himself joining in. By the time they murmured the final prayer, the plane had reached  cruising altitude. Mother Teresa turned toward him. For the first time in his life, Jim understood what people meant when they spoke of a person possessing an “aura”.

As she gazed at him, a sense of peace filled him; he could no more see it than he could see the wind but he felt it, just as surely as he  felt a warm summer breeze.

“Young man,” she inquired, “do you say the rosary often?”

“No, not really,”he admitted. She took his hand, while her eyes probed his. Then she smiled. “Well,  you will now.” And she dropped her rosary into his palm.

An hour later Jim entered the Kansas City airport where he was met by his wife, Ruth. “What in the world?” Ruth asked when she noticed the rosary in his hand. They kissed and Jim described his encounter. Driving home, he said. “I feel as if I met a true sister of God.”

Nine months later Jim and Ruth visited Connie, a friend of theirs for several years.

Connie confessed that she’d been told she had ovarian  cancer. “The doctor says it’s a tough case,” said Connie, “but I’m going to fight it. I won’t give up.” Jim clasped her hand. Then, after reaching into his pocket, he gently twined Mother Teresa’s rosary around her fingers. He told her the story and said, “Keep it with you Connie. It may help.”

Although Connie wasn’t Catholic, her hand closed willingly around the small plastic beads. “Thank you,” she whispered. “I hope I can return it.”

More than a year passed before Jim saw Connie again. This time her face was glowing, she hurried toward him and handed him the rosary. “I carried it with me all year,” she said. “I’ve had surgery and have been on chemotherapy, too. Last month, the doctors did second-look surgery, and the tumor’s gone. Completely!” Her eyes met Jim’s. “I knew it was time  to give the rosary back.”

In the fall of 1987, Ruth’s sister, Liz, fell into a deep depression after her divorce. She asked Jim if she could borrow the rosary, and when he  sent it, she hung it over her bedpost in a small velvet bag.  “At night I  held on to it, just physically held on. I was so lonely and afraid,” she says, “yet when I gripped that rosary, I felt as if I held a loving hand.”

Gradually, Liz pulled her life together, and she mailed the rosary back. “Someone else may need it,” she said.

Then one night in 1988, a stranger telephoned Ruth. She’d heard about  the rosary from a neighbor and asked if she could borrow it to take to the hospital where her mother lay in a coma. The family hoped the rosary  might help their mother die peacefully.

A few days later, the woman returned  the beads. “The nurses told me a coma patient can still hear,” she said, “so I explained to my mother that I had Mother Teresa’s rosary and that when I gave it to her she could let go; it would be all rosary in her hand.

Right away, we saw her face relax. The lines smoothed out until she looked so peaceful, so young.” The woman’s voice caught. “A few minutes later she was gone.”

Fervently, she gripped Ruth’s hands. “Thank you.”

Is there special power in those humble beads? Or is the power of the human spirit simply renewed in each person who borrows the rosary? Jim only knows that requests continue to come, often unexpectedly. He always responds though, whenever he lends the rosary, “When you’re through needing it, send it back. Someone else may need it.”

Jim’s own life has changed, too, since his unexpected meeting on the airplane. When he realized Mother Teresa carries everything she owns in a small bag, he made an effort to simplify his own life. “I try to remember what really counts – not money or titles or  possessions, but the way we love others,” he says.

MAY GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY, MAY MOTHER MARY ASK HER SON JESUS TO  SHOWER YOU WITH GRACES. Every sacrifice has a fruitful reward. Every failure has a second chance. We only have to be strong thru God’s grace and persevere in life’s many tests!

May GOD bless you always.

Submitted by Paulette A.

Democratic Convention’s non-invitation of Archbishop Chaput an “insult,” Democrat says

Democratic Convention’s non-invitation of Archbishop Chaput an “insult,” Democrat says


Archbishop of Denver Charles J. Chaput

.- Archbishop of Denver Charles J. Chaput was not invited to pray or speak at the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado, in what former Boston mayor Ray Flynn called a “serious oversight” and an “insult” to the values of pro-life Catholics.

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Relevance of Catholic Mass… survey for Religion assignment!?

Q: Relevance of Catholic Mass… survey for Religion assignment!?
Please answer the follow questions about the CATHOLIC MASS. This is for a school assignment for Religious Education about the ‘relevance of Mass as a religious ritual’. Results will be analyzed and evaluated and compiled into a short report (copy and paste following template)


Q: Name & Age:

A: Doug, 55

Q: How often do you go to Mass?

A: Once or twice per week. Every Sunday, plus one other day.

Q: Where do you attend Mass?

A: Various Catholic churches around Chicago. I’m a Roamin’ Catholic.

Q: Why do you go to Mass? (May be more than one reason)

A: I appreciate the positive effect the Mass and the Eucharist has on my life.

Q: What parts of the Mass do you like? Value most? Why?

A: The Eucharistic Prayer, just before the “Great Amen” where we pray “Through Him, with Him, in Him, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, all glory praise and honor are yours, Almighty Father, forever and ever.” is the most powerful and practical part of the Mass, since we get to offer nothing less than Jesus to God the Father, for the sins of the whole world. That’s where the grace-filled work of redemption and salvation is still getting done in the world, today.

Q: Do you think that the Mass is a relevant ritual/sacrament? Why or why not?

A: If the Mass isn’t relevant, than nothing is. The Mass is the “engine” that drives the entire process of salvation, because it’s centered on Jesus Christ, his saving work, and all the graces that eternally flow from it. See the answer, above.

Q: What do you get out of Mass?

A: I get life, grace, and hope from the Mass, because that’s where I consistently encounter Jesus Christ, in the flesh … and that’s where I receive virtually everything I need to accomplish the important work that God sets before me.

Q: How could mass be made more relevant to todays society?

A: The way to make the Mass more relevant is to educate the faithful in exactly what happens there, on both the natural and the supernatural level.

To learn more about that, go here:…

Barack Ummmmm?Bama – Empty Suit – Empty Head

Barack Ummmmm?Bama – Empty Suit – Empty Head

by Doug Lawrence

During the Barack Obama – Alan Keyes 2004 Illinois Senatorial Campaign I had the opportunity to attend the last of four debates between the candidates.

By then, it was clear that Obama would have no problem walking away with the Senate seat, and since Illinois Republicans actually refused to support their own candidate, Obama had nothing to fear … and little or nothing to lose.

What shocked me was Obama’s inability to speak “on the fly” regarding almost any issue.

All Barack could do was utter a series of “aaahs” and “uuums” … punctuated by a few “wells” and obviously frustrated “grunts”. 

 Meanwhile Keyes’ replies were eloquent, clear, complete, and sharply articulated … something which made Obama’s dismal perfomance look even worse (if such a thing were possible).

The Saddleback Church Forum brought all this to mind again, as Barack finally admitted that matters such as this were simply “above his pay grade”.

Mr. Obama … if you’re not smart enough to figure out that childern are and always have been blessings from God … that preachers, teachers, and personal mentors/associates who advocate the destruction or overthrow of the United States of America should be avoided at all costs … and that Marxism/Leninism, and Communism have been proven to be a failure, wherever they’ve been tried … then there’s simply not enough money available in the world, to fix your problem!

Please ask one of your trusted advisors to explain what all this means to you, as a candidate for President of the United States.

How McDonald’s Made Me Lose My Appetite

How McDonald’s Made Me Lose My Appetite

by Doug Lawrence

Ronald McDonald and I go way, way back.

The first Ronald McDonald operated out of Chicago, back in the late 60’s and early 70’s. He had a young son who was interested in SCUBA diving, and I happened to be one of the few certified SCUBA instructors who could accomodate his unusual work schedule.

Not only did I train Ronald McDonald’s son, but I operated the only dive store where Ronald made regular appearances in full makeup and costume. Nobody thought much of it at the time, either.

Now, some 40 years later, Ronald has “turned” on me. He’s gone gay. He has become an advocate for gay rights and gay marriage, and he claims that anyone who doesn’t agree with him is a “hater”. McDonald’s corporate agrees … even to the point of writing big checks to pro-gay organizations.

How goofy is that?

I feel like Ronald has violated my trust, that of my family and friends, and the trust of all those who believed that McDonald’s actually stood for something wholesome.

I can’t help wondering if Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s, was always secretly gay, too.

The bottom line is this: I used to eat at McDonald’s at least four or five times per week … often more. But now, every time I see those golden arches, I just want to puke. A lot of my friends feel the same way.

That’s not a good thing for a fast food outlet!

So, it’s bye-bye, Ronald. The food wasn’t all that great anyway, I don’t make a habit of dining with liars, traitors, or fools, and there’s plenty of other places to grab a burger.

Ronald, I’m sure all those big, gay families will make up for the lost business … so you needn’t worry … but you might want to begin looking for a new line of work … just in case.

And wipe that silly grin off your face!

How to Conduct Politics as Catholics

How to Conduct Politics as Catholics

The Denver Memorandum

A book by American archbishop Chaput is making a stir ahead of the presidential elections, against those who want to water down the faith or remove it from the public sphere. “L’Osservatore Romano” is the first to review it, and recommends that it be read “in the United States and elsewhere”

by Sandro Magister

ROMA, August 13, 2008 – A few days ago, a book was released in the United States that will be widely discussed, especially in the run-up to the presidential elections. The author is Charles J. Chaput, archbishop of Denver.

Chaput, 64, born to a farming family in Kansas, is a member of the Native American tribe of the Prairie Band Potawatomi. He is a Franciscan, of the Capuchin order. Before going to Denver, he was bishop of Rapid City in South Dakota. He is among the candidates for two top-level archdioceses waiting for new archbishops: New York and Detroit.

The title of the book itself gives a hint to its contents: “Render Unto Caesar. Serving the Nation by Living Our Catholic Beliefs in Political Life.” It is right to give Caesar what belongs to him. But one serves the nation by living out one’s own Catholic faith in political life.

Chaput moves decisively against the prevailing cultural tide in the media, in the universities, among political activists, a tide that wants to thrust the faith from the public stage.

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Regarding pro abortion politicians receiving communion

Buy the book here

Evangelical leaders respond to Saddleback Forum

Senators Barack Obama and John McCain

.- Saturday night, Senators Barack Obama and John McCain responded to questions from Dr.  Rick Warren, author of “A Purpose Driven Life,” and pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California.  Following the two hour event, evangelical leaders from across the United States gathered to discuss their reactions to the presumptive presidential candidates’ responses.

During the forum, Dr. Warren first posted questions to Sen. Obama covering the topics such as his personal values, abortion, marriage, education, stem cell research, and his vision for the United States; before asking Sen. McCain the same set of questions.

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MEV Lay Associate Promise Ceremony August 22nd in Northbrook

Friday morning August 22nd, at the 8:30 am Mass, at St. Norbert Church, 1809 Walters Ave., Northbrook, Illinois, our good friend and associate Emilia, will be making her promises as a Lay Associate of the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life.

Refreshments will be served after Mass, in the Church Hall (basement). 

Lay Missionaries Prayer of Consecration
Precious Lord, I consecrate myself to you this day so that I may love you with all my heart, soul, mind and strength and love my neighbor as myself. I promise to live a chaste, obedient, and simple life of faith and to nurture these promises through the spiritual disciplines of prayer, study, community and apostolic witness. I ask all this through Jesus Christ, the Author of Life. Amen!

To read more about The Missionaries of Evangelium Vitae (the Gospel of Life) click here.

To read about Priests For Life click here.

St. Norbert website & directions

(Consecration prayer composed by James Pinto, Jr.)

Catholics or Protestants. Which has a better understanding of the Bible and Christianity?

Q: Catholics or Protestants. Which has a better understanding of the Bible and Christianity?

A: The Bible remains a Catholic holy book, compiled, written, and certified by the Catholic Church, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and reflecting only authentic Catholic beliefs and practices.

Along with Tradition and Magisterium, sacred Scripture provides the 3rd biblical witness necessary to arrive at God’s authentic truth.

Protestants don’t work that way. They prefer to go with individual Bible interpretation, even though the Bible warns against it.

Pro-Life Family Night at Kiddieland – Melrose Park, Illinois 9-5-2008

Pro-Life Family Night at Kiddieland

Melrose Park, Illinois

September 5th

IRLC has reserved the entire Kiddieland Amusement Park on
Friday, September 5, 2008, from 5:00pm to 10:00pm.
Please bring your whole family and spend an evening
with pro-life friends from all over Chicagoland.

This is a Fun-raising event!
Bring the whole family! Free, unlimited soft drinks!

Tickets are $20.00 each ~ 25 or more tickets are $18.00 each
Tickets will be $23.00 each if you buy them at the door!
Children 2 years and under, are Free!

Note: No food or drink can be brought in;
Ticket price includes unlimited soft drinks!

Mail order with check or credit card information to:
Illinois Right to Life
65 East Wacker Place, Suite 800
Chicago, Illinois 60601-7238

For further information and/or phone orders, please call:
(312) 422-9300

Photo by Eddie from Chicago, courtesy of

What exactly do you think Jesus got up to during those 30+ years for which there’s no scripture?

Q: What exactly do you think Jesus got up to during those 30+ years for which there’s no scripture?

A: Jesus was simply waiting for “the fullness of time” to arrive, so he could begin his public ministry.

Nazareth was also the last place the forces of evil would have looked for him, since no prophecies were written about the place.

John 1:46 And Nathanael said to him: Can any thing of good come from Nazareth? Philip saith to him: Come and see.

Photo courtesy Bob & Fran B.

Practicing Catholics are some of the nicest folks you’re ever likely to meet … this side of Heaven.

Do you truly believe God murders/kills people ? That’s Not Love…?

Q: Do you truly believe God murders/kills people ? That’s Not Love…?

Scriptures are Silly – a God who Loves You, but who will kill you with Natures Wrath…? A God who Cursed You, but will send you to Hell for your (Cursed…) Actions…? I Know with My Heart & Spirit, (Soul…) that those Scriptures are False, or more correctly, their Description of God Is False as Heck…
A: Death is the universal penalty for sin. Without death, the Earth would be even more overrun with sinners than it already is, and that would make for Hell on Earth.
You obviously don’t understand the need for divine justice either, since without justice, all the accumulated errors (sin) would throughout eternity, eventually make even Heaven into Hell.

It’s either divine justice … along with all the prescribed penalties … or Hell for everyone.
The only alternative … and the only means of ultimately escaping divine judgment … is a lifetime of faithful and charitable participation in all the work, worship, sacraments, and devotions of the Church.

The scriptures are pretty clear on that, too.

Question for Catholics (or just anyone interested) about the Ten Commandments?

Q: Question for Catholics (or just anyone interested)?

Look at the table in this website it shows the catholic version of the commandments and the Christian version ==>…

In the catholic version of the bible one of the commandments (Second Commandment: “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them.”) has been deleted and the tenth commandment (“Thou shalt not covet.”) has been split into two commandments.

Do Catholics even realize that their commandments are an altered version of the real commandments?

A: First of all, most Protestants wouldn’t agree with the “strange” version of Christianity the guys at your web link are promoting.
FYI … Catholics and Christians are no longer under the old law, which never saved a soul, but they are saved by the grace of Jesus Christ.

The Catholic Church readopted and readapted the spirit of the old commandments, as guidelines for new covenant Christians, early in the life of the Church.

Most people have never been told, or have never discovered this fact for themselves, and due to this, many people have never been able to accept the true message of Christianity, which is love … NOT law.

The Bible certainly does not deal with the concept very well, nor do most Protestants, who claim to operate according to the Bible alone.

Fortunately, the Catholic Church has always understood how this works … that the old law was really just a curse … to prove to sinful mankind that Jesus the Messiah, is absolutely essential for salvation.

To view a thoroughly documented article on this critically important subject, go here:…

And remember … anyone who departs this earthly sphere of existence with at least some charity remaining in their soul is not likely to see eternal damnation.

That’s what “LOVE” is about … and love honors and fulfills the spirit of ALL God’s commandments.

Troubling words from Obama – who aspires to the Presidency of the United States and leadership of the free world.

Troubling words from Obama – who aspires to the Presidency of the United States and leadership of the free world.

Obama: Supports: “Freedom of Choice Act”. A bill that would invalidate virtually all state and federal limitations on abortion, including partial-birth abortion.

Obama: Opposes ban on partial birth abortion ban. He said he would re-instate this ban as president. (Partial Birth Abortion is used from the 5th month on, involves pulling a living baby feet-first out of the womb, except for the head, puncturing the skull and suctioning out the brain. The great majority of partial-birth abortions are performed on healthy babies of healthy mothers.)

Obama: Voted to block a bill that would have required an abortionist to notify at least one parent before performing an abortion on a minor girl from another state.

Obama: Voted 3 times against a bill in the Illinois State Senate that would have provided protection for babies who survive abortions equal to the protection received by babies who are spontaneously born prematurely.

From The National Catholic Register:
Jill Stanek, a Chicago nurse, described the practice of killing babies in what is now known as “live-birth abortion.” Illinois tried to stop the practice. But in 2002, as state legislator there, Obama voted against the Induced Infant Liability Act, which would have protected babies who were “accidentally” born alive during attempts to abort them.

“I could not bear the thought of this suffering child dying alone in a soiled utility room, so I cradled and rocked him for the 45 minutes that he lived,” Stanek told the U.S. Congress, describing one such case. “He was too weak to move very much, expending any energy he had trying to breathe. Toward the end he was so quiet that I couldn’t tell if he was still alive unless I held him up to the light to see if his heart was still beating through his chest wall.”

After Stanek’s testimony even N.Y. Democrat Jerrold Nadler, who says he is “as pro-choice as anybody on earth” supported and spoke in favor of the bill.

But for the abortion industry and Obama, opposing the right to life has meant uncompromising dedication to a counter-principle. For Obama, protecting the unstated principle “unwanted children do not have the right to life” is the only way abortion can remain legal.

That has led him to exclude another category of human being from the right to life: the unfit.

Terri Schiavo
In a recent debate, Obama said the vote he most regrets was his vote to save Terri Schiavo’s life. Her husband, Michael, wanted Terri dead, even though she was alert and responsive to nurses and family members. He had a new child with a new woman, and he wanted Terri dead.

When a judge granted his request, Congress and President Bush attempted to intervene to save her life, and not just to save her life, but to stop the dangerous precedent. They failed. Now Obama says they shouldn’t have tried. Thus, he started by rejecting the right to life of unwanted children and now rejects the right to life of an unwanted woman.”

Obama supports embryonic stem cell research — which is the deliberate killing of little innocent babies.

Obama supports cloning, another intrinsic evil.

Obama supports full civil unions that give same-sex couples equal legal rights and privileges as married couples. Civil unions is one step closer to homosexual “marriage”. Homosexuality is a mortal sin and an abomination against God. Obama voted against the Federal marriage Amendment Act, which would have defined marriage as between a man and a woman.

Sadly, many people have not been educated as to the real issues in this campaign.
Life issues are the most important, for without life, we have nothing. Obama, cares nothing about innocent children, or the lives of others, as he only cares about himself, making a name for himself. He has succumbed to the evils in society. He is a coward, as he certainly doesn’t have the courage to stand up for God and His Commandments. Please, continue to educate others about him and the evil he supports.

Above all — encourage others to pray ~ Divine Help is Needed!
Our country has been blessed by God. We have all good things because of God. One cannot expect our blessings to continue if we are on the road to perdition, turning away from God. Prayers are needed! Pray for our country and its people. God’s Commandments are Commandments — they must be obeyed. Period! They must be obeyed in the voting booth.

We must NOT support evil.
We must NOT support Obama in any way.
We are commanded by God to obey His Commandments. Let’s have the courage to do so.

Thanks to Delores W. and Nancy W. for this submitting this article. 

God-like questions for Catholics?

Q: God-like questions for Catholics?

I use to be a strong Catholic but no more. I’m happy without religion.

A lot of you will say “God always was” and other of this non-sense. What was before God and heaven?

Also, i have a slight-counter response to that. If the bible says “man (and woman) were created in God’s image” then wouldnt that mean that God was also created like us humans? Maybe not literally, i know, but as a figure of speech.

Also, if we ‘were’ created in his image, then wouldn’t God, have also had experienced and known the feeling of being corrupt, sad, happy, or confused? Where do the emotions we as humans feel, come from?

A: The image of God is grace, and the likeness of God is love. Mankind was initially created full of grace, and with an unlimited potential for love.

Eternity has no beginning and no end. God, who dwells in the eternal realm with his angels and his saints, doesn’t either. Odds are, prior to Adam’s fall from grace, Eden was merely the earthly extension of God’s eternal realm.

God is the “Uncreated First Cause” of all things. He is not in any way affected by human emotions, flaws, laws, or corruption of any kind, and God is patently incapable of committing any type of sin.

Like it or not you’re still Catholic by virtue of your baptism. God still loves you, and you’re not going to get off that easily.

Those who understand the authentic Christian faith know that it’s about perfect freedom. It has nothing at all to do with control.