Are Obama and Pelosi dodging the life-and-death question?

The Democrats and the Abortion Wars

Are Obama and Pelosi dodging the life-and-death question?

George Weigel
Newsweek Web Exclusive
Updated: 8:38 PM ET Aug 25, 2008

A few years ago, Richard Doerflinger, a pro-life Roman Catholic intellectual with decades of experience in the trenches of America’s culture wars, was invited to debate the moral and legal status of the human embryo before a large class of Harvard undergraduates. During the course of the discussion, Doerflinger’s Harvard faculty interlocutor drew a timeline of human biological development on the blackboard: conception, implantation, brain waves, viability, birth and so forth. His challenge to Doerflinger was to defend, in a nonarbitrary way and without reference to religious principles, the notion that society should recognize moral value and legal rights at any particular point along that line. If here, why here? If there, why there?

After the class, as the conversation continued with a few students and the professor, Doerflinger took a piece of chalk and extended the timeline to the end of the blackboard, where he wrote “Tenure.” The students laughed, and got the message. The only point along that continuum that wouldn’t be arbitrary was the starting point—conception.

Perhaps Doerflinger should send his extended timeline to the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

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Montezuma’s Abortion Revenge

Montezuma’s Abortion Revenge

Men like Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata may be remembered as some of the worst criminals of Mexican history, but yesterday’s vote of the Mexican Supreme Court will make Villa’s and Zapata’s killings seem like so much child’s play. Reminiscent of the US Supreme Court decision in 1973, eight (out of eleven) Supreme Court justices of Mexico legalized abortion yesterday, August 27th, and consigned themselves to the annals of history as the worst of their country’s killers. They gave Mexico the disreputable distinction of being the first country in Latin America to legalize abortion on demand, and in fact, if the likely “domino effect” of abortion legalization in the Hispanic world follows, they will be guilty of the innocent blood of a whole continent.

Criminals are apparently not bound by logic or popular convention. Despite recent surveys of millions of Mexicans indicating that at least 65% of the people were totally against the legalization of abortion, the Supreme Court just simply ignored them – which is another way of saying that democracy is essentially meaningless in Mexico. And, despite the specific wording in the Mexican Constitution that enumerates a right to life “from the moment of fertilization,” something the US Constitution could only dream of, the eight enlightened gods of law sitting on their lofty thrones simply declared that right null and void – which is another way of saying that the rule of law is meaningless in Mexico too.

These eight justices have now, arbitrarily and inhumanely, unleashed a plague of killing that will destroy the Mexican family, the already-plummeting fertility rate and the degrading morals of Mexico’s youth. The Mexican bishops said it correctly in their televised ads prior to the killer decision that “when a society opens up a debate on abortion, what they are doing, in effect, is debating the very future of a nation.” Yes indeed; and not only the future of Mexico, but of the whole Hispanic world.

I have continuously tied the business of abortion to the satanic work of child sacrifice which has tried to rear its ugly head in every age since biblical times. Abortion is a demonic industry, and every society that opens its doors to the killing of its infants becomes slowly possessed by these demons whose thirst for innocent blood will never, ever, be sated. Mexico was at one time home of the devilish Aztec religion which practiced bloody human sacrifice until Hernando Cortes and his troops defeated the Emperor Montezuma in the 16th Century thus preparing the way for the total Catholic evangelization of that land by Our Lady of Guadalupe. Yet, demons don’t live in time. They live in the sinfulness of the human heart, and they have been given a new birth in Mexico once again.

I have no doubt that the recent appearance and immense popularity of the so-called “Santa Muerte” (“holy death”) occult practice in Mexico, whose symbol is the Grim Reaper, has presaged the appearance of the demon of human sacrifice once again. This ancient demon that once ruled Mexican society only needed a few servants on the Supreme Court to ritualize human sacrifice once again – this time in the guise of abortion on demand. And they have already begun to reconstruct the new pagan pyramids of Mexico – in the hospitals and abortion mills where blood sacrifice is being offered as we speak.

In light of this catastrophic defeat for life, I can only repeat the Lord’s stinging rebuke of the black-robed leaders of His day who were responsible for the death of the Innocent One: Woe to the eight servants of Montezuma’s abortion revenge – their souls are in danger of a worse death than they inflict on those innocent children. We must pray for their eternal salvation. And I must add: Woe to everyone who remains silent while this demon satisfies his blood lust on innocent children anywhere in the world.

Sincerely Yours in Christ,
Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer,
President, Human Life International

What was Jesus’ relationship with Mary, his mother like?

Q: What was Jesus’ relationship with Mary, his mother like?

A: Pure, perfect, and infinite love, plus total freedom, unencumbered by any fear of death or hell … which is the Christian ideal.

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Former Altar Boy Weisner – Now Abortion Advocate – To Speak

Noted abortion promoter, Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner, is seen in the photo above, speaking to the 2007 graduating class at Marmion Academy.

Mayor Weisner reminded the graduates that to whom much is given, much is expected.

“Go, then, gentlemen. Fulfill both your dreams and the gospel of Christ,” Mayor Weisner challenged the graduates. “Make your fortune. Make a lasting impact on the world. Make us proud.”

Blogger’s note: One should ask the folks at Marmion what they were thinking, inviting a pro-abortion “Catholic” hack politician like Weisner to “preach” on campus. Furthermore, what kind of message does that send to the students?  Are Catholic men supposed to make a fortune by facilitating the slaughter of innocent babies in their towns? How is that supposed to engender pride?

Now Weisner plans to speak in his home town of Batavia … 

The Donovan Bridge in Batavia – also known as the Wilson Street bridge -will be officially rededicated in honor of longtime Batavia religious leader William J. Donovan, now that reconstruction is nearly complete.

Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner, who grew up in Batavia, will speak. Weisner served for 10 years as an altar boy at Holy Cross Catholic Church during Donovan’s tenure. Monsignor Daniel Deutsch, the current head priest at Holy Cross, will offer a blessing.

Blogger’s note: One can only hope Monsignor Deutsch will have the “guts” to ask Weisner what in the hell he’s doing there, desecrating the memory and the legacy of a good Catholic priest.

In a 2006 Daily Herald article about growing up in Batavia, Weisner spoke of the influence Donovan had on him: “He would always take the time to talk with me after Mass. He was a wonderful man. I got to observe him in the way he dealt with others of all faiths. He was a very humanistic Christian and taught me a lot.”

Blogger’s note: Father Donovan evidently failed to mention that cooperating with abortionists is evil, constitutes a grave sin, and that such actions can easiy lead to spending lots and lots of quality time with Satan, the devil. Or maybe Weisner just wasn’t listening.

Weisner ought to know that the Catholic Church, since early in the first century, has consistently taught that abortion is intrinsically evil, that all human life is sacred, and that anyone who willingly cooperates in such evil typically commits a mortal sin.

If Weisner had a Catholic bone in his body, and if he really wanted to make a lasting impact on the world, he would bull-doze the Aurora Abortion Fortress … the same way Chicago’s scandalously pro-abort Mayor Daley took out the late, great, Meigs Field.

That … and nothing less … might make us proud of him!

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Obamas “Punished” By Two Children On National Television

Obamas “Punished” By Two Children On National Television

by Doug Lawrence

After Michelle Obama wrapped up her Convention speech, the Obama’s two daughters came out on stage for a little long distance, TV Land, back and forth, with “daddy”.

The big questions, now:

Why would Barack allow his lovely wife to be “punished” by having two children?

Why didn’t he simply have them aborted, or leave them somewhere, to die?

Were there more than just these two Obama children, at any time in the past?

Are Barack and Michelle planning to abort or abandon to death, any future offspring?

Would they do that while they occupied the White House?

Would NARAL and Planned Parenthood increase their contributions, if they did?

Will the Democrats begin offering tax credits for abortion and infanticide, any time soon?