Ok, finally a few minutes to write …

A letter from my cousin Rich …  who is doing his 3rd tour in Iraq.
Thought y’all would find it interesting – Doria2

Subject: Hey

Ok, finally a few minutes to write.

Sept 11, 2008
Today they had a special tribute dedicated to the victims of 9/11.

There was personnel from 4 different countries, all standing together in the same formation. American, British, Australian & French.

All UNITED under one cause: Stop terror from where ever in the world it tries to seed itself and take root.

It is ironic to me, that I am here now standing outside the very steps Saddam Hussein had walked on.

We had a supervisors conference in the same room Saddam ran his war from. I vividly remember the video of this conference room on TV.

Now I am at the same table, with an all marble floor, walls & columns.

The picture I sent is just outside his building. You can’t see anything but the top of the building because it is blocked by blast walls, but I am here & I happy to be here with 2 of my closest friends in the world.

It has been really quiet here. No attacks for the last 3 months. You would never know that from watching the news.

Today, it was nice until about 10:00 AM when the sun really came out & the temperature peaked at 120 degrees. It was better than yesterday. It was hot but the wind was blowing all the dust up. You couldn’t see 40 feet in front of you.

Well, I am getting tired. It is my third straight 14 hour day.

Hope everyone is doing good.


Submitted by Doria2

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