The Foundation of Israel in 1948 … Prophecy fulfilled?

Q: The Foundation of Israel in 1948 … Prophecy fulfilled?

A: Many would think so, and many have gone to great lengths to make it so, but the fact remains that the artificially reconstituted modern day nation of Israel has little in common with the original “Chosen People” of God … except for their continuing persecution of Christians.

Fact is, all the promises God made to Israel were kept when he conducted them into the promised land, gave them their sovereignty, and eventually their Messiah, Jesus Christ.

God “owes” them nothing more.

The Christian Church is now the “People of God” in the world, heir to all the promises of Christ … and the only “holy nation” worth being part of … for Jew and Gentile, alike.


  1. Sorry. All wrong.

    • Dear Malcolm,

      A lot of people still think as you do, and you have a right to your own personal opinion, even if it turns out to be wrong.

      The New Covenant given to us by Jesus Christ and confirmed in his blood was not rehash of the old, nor was it a modification of the old. It was … just as Jesus himself said … new … and better.

      The parable of the old wine skins and the new wine explained the reasons for this.

      I suggest you carefully consider the information contained in this referenced article, keeping in mind that the people who taught you the Christian faith may well have been subject to the very same Zionist errors.


  2. If you are questioning whether the return of the Jews to their homeland in 1948 is indeed a literal fulfilment of prophecy, you might find the following document of interest. It points out that the prophecies not only predicted that the Jews would return to Israel from a world-wide dispersion, but that they predicted precisely when this would occur.

    If you take the following three groups of prophecies together…

    Jeremiah 25:8-11 and 29:10 (The 70 year duration of the Babylonian Exile.)
    Ezekiel 4:3b-6 (The total duration of the period of punishment.)
    Leviticus 26:18, 26:21, 26:24 and 26:28 (The fact that God would multiply any period of punishment by 7 if the Jews failed to repent.)

    …these prophecies, viewed as a whole, clearly foretell that the return of the Jews to Israel would happen specifically in 1948. It also becomes clear why, as stated in the above article, the Jews seemed still to be in a state of punishment when Jesus was here.

    Click to access Ezekiels-prophecy-of-1948.pdf

    If you do a Google search, you can find other webpages dealing with this specific prophecy in more detail.

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