Father Walter’s Library of Letters

Father Walter’s Library of Letters

Father Walter is the pastor at Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church
in Darien, Illinois.

He tries to publish a new pastoral letter in each week’s church bulletin.
The collection is growing rapidly. Here’s an excerpt from a recent one:

Advantages of Spiritual Growth

Nothing motivates us like having a goal. The motivation gained from having goals comes specifically from the fact that we now have good reasons to do something. Isn’t it fair to say that following Christ is our goal? Allowing for our assent to this question, what can we say then are some good reasons for being spiritual? I am going to try to respond to this question from the perspective of a family person.

The first reason is the one people most commonly share with me. “I want to insure that I and my family go to heaven.” I cannot be anymore simple in discussing this one. I want to be saved. I want my family to be saved. I want to be with them when we die. The very thought of one
of my loved ones being lost to God is repulsive. So, on this basis
I and my family attend Mass and go to Confession …

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