Catholics, why is it considered bigotry to question post-scriptural doctrine?

Q: Catholics, why is it considered bigotry to question post-scriptural doctrine?

A: The Catholic Church already had things quite right on the day of Pentecost. And by Pentecost the Catholic church had already been given all of the divine mandates it presently enjoys, directly from Jesus Christ, while he still walked the earth.

All the New Testament scriptures are simply authentic Catholic tradition reduced to writing, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit … and tradition is the way the Holy Spirit has always guided … and always will guide … the authentic church, from age to age.

As for questions … the Catholic Church maintains a unique collection of 50 generations of the best, most consistent, most scholarly, extremely well documented, systematic theology and practical religious philosophy that the world has ever known … produced by the most brilliant, God inspired theologians and scholars from every country, and from every generation.

There is no equivalent or parallel, in any other faith tradition or denomination, anywhere on the planet.

Go ahead and question whatever you like … but ignoring all this out of hand isn’t necessarily bigotry … it’s just stupid.

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