Which Religion is True ?

Q: Which Religion is True ?

A: Jesus Christ is the only man who ever claimed to be God … and then proved it … by rising again from the dead.

Jesus Christ founded only one Church, while he still walked the earth, for the purpose of our salvation.

He also promised to remain with his Church, as the head of it, to preserve it’s teachings, and to protect it from teaching error, no matter what, until the end of time.

The Catholic Church is that church … and in spite of the many faults of the men who run it and belong to it … you’re not going to find anything truer or better … this side of heaven.

Would a loving God actually consign a soul to eternal Hell?

Q: Would a loving God actually consign a soul to eternal Hell?

A: While man’s understanding of the Almighty’s sorting and refining process is subject to various interpretations, it remains absolutely clear that God has extremely high standards, and that he doesn’t intend to spend eternity with a bunch of ungrateful, barbarian morons.

Nobody does.

It’s also clear that anyone who misses out on the opportunity of an eternal lifetime, because of their lack of charity and faith, will regret it forever.

That’s where the suffering comes in.

Ok, finally a few minutes to write …

A letter from my cousin Rich …  who is doing his 3rd tour in Iraq.
Thought y’all would find it interesting – Doria2

Subject: Hey

Ok, finally a few minutes to write.

Sept 11, 2008
Today they had a special tribute dedicated to the victims of 9/11.

There was personnel from 4 different countries, all standing together in the same formation. American, British, Australian & French.

All UNITED under one cause: Stop terror from where ever in the world it tries to seed itself and take root.

It is ironic to me, that I am here now standing outside the very steps Saddam Hussein had walked on.

We had a supervisors conference in the same room Saddam ran his war from. I vividly remember the video of this conference room on TV.

Now I am at the same table, with an all marble floor, walls & columns.

The picture I sent is just outside his building. You can’t see anything but the top of the building because it is blocked by blast walls, but I am here & I happy to be here with 2 of my closest friends in the world.

It has been really quiet here. No attacks for the last 3 months. You would never know that from watching the news.

Today, it was nice until about 10:00 AM when the sun really came out & the temperature peaked at 120 degrees. It was better than yesterday. It was hot but the wind was blowing all the dust up. You couldn’t see 40 feet in front of you.

Well, I am getting tired. It is my third straight 14 hour day.

Hope everyone is doing good.


Submitted by Doria2

Isn’t it funny?

Q: Isn’t it funny how people (particularly Protestant people and politicians) like to criticize Catholics and the Catholic Church?

A: It’s even funnier how they attempt to hijack a totally Catholic holy book … the Bible … in order to justify their own peculiar beliefs and practices … and then they blame it all on the Holy Spirit.

News Headlines on Life Issues

News Headlines on Life Issues:
Sept 12, 2008:
Bishop Vasa: Pro-Abortion Candidates are “Disqualified” – Clarifies “Faithful Citizenship”
Marie Stopes Global Abortion Petition Yields Less than 500 Signatures
Sept 10, 2008:
26 US Bishops Have Rebuked Pelosi…So Far
McCain Campaign Ad Bashes Barack Obama on OKing Sex Ed for Kids
USCCB Releases Official Statement Correcting Biden’s Abortion Statements
Alaska Woman Won’t be Starved to Death Thanks to Pro-Life Law Firm’s Help
Sept 9, 2008:
Psychologists: APA Deceptive on How Abortion Adversely Affects Women, Men
New Book Focuses on Second Abortion Battle – Life After Roe v. Wade Overturned
Brother of Potential Euthanasia Victim Janet Rivera Allowed to Become Guardian
Ohio Pro-Life Group Celebrates Victory in Lawsuit Over Free Speech Rights
Sept 8, 2008:
Botched Abortion at Nebraska Planned Parenthood Sends Woman to Hospital
California Planned Parenthood Made Abortion Referral, Didn’t Report Abuse
Joe Biden Misleads in Interview, Routinely Supports Tax-Funded Abortions
Florida Legal Battle Involves Life and Death Debate Similar to Terri Schiavo
Sept 5, 2008:
Sources Reveal Internal Uproar over Vatican Conference Promoting Organ Donation
USCCB Launches New Stem Cell Research and Anti-Abortion Ads
Re-thinking the business of organ procurement and transplantation  (Julie Grimstad

The Real War on Terror

The Real War on Terror

The events of September 11th, 2001 will remain engraved upon the hearts and minds of every decent person living today and throughout many future generations. The terrorist attacks of that fateful day seven years ago showed the world the real face of radical Islam and unleashed a chain reaction of conflicts that have shaken the very foundations of what we, as a nation, hold dear. Those events have forced us to decide how much we are willing to do to stop such a radical injustice from spreading like a cancer throughout the world. May the whole world commemorate this day as a witness to the reality of evil and the resolve of good people to put a stop to it.

While we hold sacred the memory of the nearly 3,000 victims of the terror in the Twin Towers, their deaths are also a symbolic reminder of the real terrorism that has occurred every day of every year, uninterruptedly, for the past 36 years in a country that calls itself “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” This form of terrorism on America’s own soil kills more than 3,000 babies every single day! There has not been any official war declared on the terrorism of abortion. It is virtually ignored in public discourse and political campaigning, and even when it is dealt with, it is only talked about as something “controversial” and never as a substantive issue or one that needs to be addressed in all its dimensions.

The real story of international terror and extremism is not the story of Islam. It is the story of an industry that makes Islamic terrorists look like a bunch of Boy Scouts. It is not a localized war or one related simply to disputes between countries or conflicting political systems. It is an ideological war, a conflict between fundamental notions of good and evil, decency and depravity. In this respect, there is a direct correlation between the murderous terrorism whose bloody victims are shown on the evening news and the silent butchering of millions of babies, the images of whose suffering little bodies will never be considered fit for public viewing. The babies’ murderers are just as unscrupulous as the ones who behead their victims on the internet. In addition to that, this war is indeed spreading like a cancer around the world. The recent legalization of abortion in Mexico is an indication that the traditional ramparts against this kind of ideological killing are being battered down in the few places where they still remain standing.

So out of reverence for the victims of the Twin Tower disaster, we must memorialize their unborn companions in suffering who are virtually forgotten by the world and the press in the aftermath of 911. We will never forget them. We do no service to those who fell in the Twin Towers by glossing over their silent associates who are also full victims of modern terror, although hidden from view. We must not let the memory of these children fade, ever. And while we are remembering them, let us remind ourselves of our obligations to them which are even more real and immediate because these children are totally innocent and completely defenseless.

Unlike the declared war on terror, the war against abortion is not a war for trained military men. It is a war for every decent human being to engage in. We ourselves must vigorously fight the real war on terror or no future remains in store for our nation, our families, or possibly even our very souls.

Sincerely Yours in Christ,

Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer,
President, Human Life International

New Must See Video: The Catholic Vote 2008

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Abortion Damages Women and Diminishes Their Humanity

“Abortion Damages Women and Diminishes Their Humanity”

Charles Francis, AM, QC

Abstract: Although abortion is often referred to as a health service, it provides no health benefits to women and frequently causes physical and mental health problems including a risk of suicide. Women are often pressured by others to have abortions, which are not their choice. Legalising abortion will enable more coercion. Many medical risks of abortion such as pyschiatric damage, the increased risk of breast cancer, and cerebral palsy for infants in subsequent births are now well established. There is no proper monitoring of abortion services and a full governmental inquiry into the abortion industry is needed to prevent the damage it does.

In her article “Abortion and the full humanity of women” Jo Wainer categorizes abortion as a “health service”. This description of abortion as a “health service” is widely used by abortionists, abortion clinics and radical feminists; however most abortions today have nothing to do with women’s health. Advances in medical science make it rare to have a pregnancy which constitutes a serious danger to a woman’s life or health. There is now abundant evidence that abortions performed for mental health reasons are likely to do women more harm than good.(1)

A number of studies have shown a significant association between induced abortion and subsequent drug and alcohol abuse. (2) Other studies have also shown a much higher risk of suicide compared to women who carried to term. The recent suicide of artist Emma Beck in the UK is a stark example (Telegraph, UK.COM 24/2/08)). One study in Finland reported a 650% higher risk of suicide following an abortion. (3,4)

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Submitted by Nancy W.

Bishops on Biden and Abortion, National Edition

Shortly after 5pm Eastern, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops released a statement in response to Sunday’s MTP comments on abortion by the Democratic vice-presidential nominee, Senator Joe Biden of Delaware.

Yet again, the conference was represented by its chairmen for Pro-Life Activities and Doctrine, Cardinal Justin Rigali of Philadelphia and Bishop William Lori of Bridgeport — and, yet again, the statement was revised and re-released shortly after its first draft hit the wires.

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If Obama had as much experience as Ms. Palin, he’d be ready for the VP slot, too.

Reporter: MR. McCain, how do you respond to charges that Palin has no experience?

McCain: If Obama had as much experience as Ms. Palin, he’d be ready for the VP slot, too.

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Real Time Webcam of the Famous Grotto at Lourdes, France

Visit the Grotto at Lourdes

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Abort73.com – The Case Against Abortion

Abort73.com – The Case Against Abortion

Seeing is believing.

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Bill Kristol writes that a spectre is haunting the liberal elites of New York and Washington

Writing in the Weekly Standard, the conservative journal of opinion and news, Bill Kristol writes that a spectre is haunting the liberal elites of New York and Washington:

The spectre of a young, attractive, unapologetic conservatism, rising out of the American countryside…That spectre has a name–Sarah Palin, the 44-year-old governor of Alaska chosen by John McCain to be his running mate. There she is: a working woman who’s a proud wife and mother; a traditionalist in important matters who’s broken through all kinds of barriers; a reformer who’s a Republican; a challenger of a corrupt good-old-boy establishment who’s a conservative; a successful woman whose life is unapologetically grounded in religious belief; a lady who’s a leader.”

Kristol, a former aide to Vice President Quayle, whom I knew when I interviewed Quayle as a young journalist 16 years ago, said the unapologetic pro-lifer Palin has transformed the presidential race into “a campaign of excitement and–dare we say it?–hope, which will culminate on November 4 in victory.”

The Washington Post reports that Palin is “as pro-life as any candidate can be.” The Post also reported the she opposes same-sex marriage and providing benefits to domestic partners; she backs banning embryonic stem cell research and has raised the idea of teaching creationism alongside evolution in public schools.

“A spokeswoman for Palin said she regularly attends many nondenominational churches,” the paper added.

We see Palin as very American — out of the same tradition as Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln. She’s a woodsman, hunter, family leader.

Dan Henninger, columnist for The Wall Street Journal, writes of the Vice Presidential nominee, “the point is that across the ages women have been doing pretty much what Sarah Palin has been doing: bearing children, feeding families, bringing in an income, working to improve their communities.” That’s precisely why she is a threat to the liberals.

While Barack Hussein Obama is the prophet of the Culture of Death — embracing abortion and, even more hideously, infanticide — Palin represents the Culture of Life, raising a child born with Downs Syndrome and offering unconditional love to a teenage daughter who is pregnant. By contrast, Obama said, on the campaign trial a few months ago that he would never want his daughters “punished” with a baby. Quite a contrast. Rush Limbaugh, on WLS-AM radio, said that there is a “religion of liberalism…and the major sacrament is abortion.”:

MSNBC TV’s Joe Scarbourgh, a former GOP Congressman, reported that the Obama campaign said that Gov. Sarah Palin “supported a Nazi sympathizer.” It turns out that Obama’s campaign issued a press release calling Catholic columnist Pat Buchanan a “Nazi sympathizer.” Then they linked the two, even though Buchanan has written a book against the Nazis. On the air, Scarborough said, “grow up, Obama campaign. This is not a campaign for Cook County Board. This is a campaign for the Presidency of the U.S. You will not get away with this.”

Former Obama pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, said that if “this boy,” Obama, wins the presidential race, it will soon be the first time that a “black woman has slept, legally, at the White House.” We have no idea what that actually means — but do note that Rev. Wright now officially reinserted himself into the race. Brace yourself.

Submitted by Fr. Gene Koprowski, MEV

Which religion thinks the Book of Revelation already happened?

Q: Which religion thinks the Book of Revelation already happened?

A: There’s no doubt that many of the events described in Revelation have already happened. Any history book can verify that for you.

This is not to say that multiple or additional fulfillments are not possible.

For those who believe the book is literal … if that is so, then it is obviously impossible for anyone to correctly interpret.

Proof for that can be found in many of the Protestant denominations, which have been predicting the end for generations … with consistent, zero percent accuracy.

Only God knows the way things will actually wrap up … and if he wanted us to know, he wouldn’t have given us a book that nobody has yet successfully understood.

The parallels between the Book of Exodus and the Book of Revelation, the Pharaoh of Exodus and Anti-Christ of Revelation, Moses’ plagues and Revelation’s Great Tribulation, are hard to miss.

Study both books and see what you can make of it.

One thing’s for sure though.

The “end” of the Jewish “world” happened at the hands of the Romans in 70 AD, just as Jesus predicted.

The “end” of the Roman “world” happened about 400 years later, at the hands of the Barbarians, which handily fulfilled other, less concrete predictions, and which also left the Catholic Church as the only remaining, effective world government … for the next thousand years.

If and when there’s another major event like either of the above, it will be one heck of a mess, and it will likely occur with little warning, so everybody better remain prepared, come what may.

And the only sure way to do that is through consistent, faithful, and charitable participation in all of the work, worship, sacraments, and devotions of the Catholic Church … which is the only church that Jesus Christ ever founded, authorized, empowered, and eternally guaranteed, for the purpose of our salvation.

The Catholic Church Is A Pro-Life Church

The Catholic Church Is A Pro-Life Church 

All persons, not just Catholics, can know from the scientific and medical evidence that what grows in a mother’s womb is a new, distinct human being. All persons can understand that each human being — without discrimination — merits respect. At the very least, respecting human life excludes the deliberate and direct destruction of life — and that is exactly what abortion is.

Catholics are also pro-life because our Christian tradition is pro-life. As Pope John Paul II says, Christians believe that “all human life is sacred, for it is created in the image and likeness of God.” Aborting an unborn child destroys a unique creation which God has called specially into existence.

Christian teaching also obliges us to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, who spoke and acted strongly and compassionately in favor of the most despised and vulnerable persons in society. Jesus touched lepers, spoke with prostitutes, and showed special mercy and tenderness to the sick, the poor, and children. Our society today has many vulnerable persons — including women in crisis pregnancies as well as unborn children whose lives may be legally ended at any time during pregnancy and for any reason. In the tradition of Jesus Christ, Catholics have a responsibility to speak and act in defense of these persons. This is part of our “preferential option” for the poor and powerless.

The Church’s mission to defend human life applies over the entire course of life, from conception to natural death. And so the Catholic Church has been a strong supporter of the civil rights movement and a leader in international relief and development efforts. Catholic hospitals and other health-care facilities form the largest network of private, not-for-profit health care providers in the United States. Catholic Charities USA — one of a number of Catholic charitable groups — is currently the single largest provider of social services to all Americans, regardless of race, creed or national origin.

The Catholic Church strives to be a prophetic voice, speaking out to protest injustices and indignities against the human person. Catholics will continue in this work, whether our words are popular or unpopular.

Since its beginnings, Christianity has maintained a firm and clear teaching on the sacredness of human life. Jesus Christ emphasized this in his teaching and ministry. Abortion was rejected in the earliest known Christian manual of discipline, the Didache.

Early Church fathers likewise condemned abortion as the killing of innocent human life. A third century Father of the Church, Tertullian, called it “accelerated homicide.” Early Church councils considered it one of the most serious crimes. Even during periods when Aristotle’s theory of “delayed ensoulment” led Church law to assign different penalties to earlier and later abortions, abortion at any stage was still considered a grave evil.

When biologists in the 19th century learned more about the process of conception, the Church altered its legal distinction between early and late abortions out of respect for reason and biology.

Since that time, science has only further confirmed the humanity of the child growing in the womb. Official Church teaching insists, to the present day, that a just society protects life before as well as after birth.

The reasons are not difficult to understand. One official Church document on the subject puts it this way:

“The first right of the human person is his life . . . It does not belong to society, nor does it belong to public authority in any form to recognize this right for some and not for others; all discrimination is evil. . . Any discrimination based on the various stages of life is no more justified any other discrimination. . . . In reality, respect for human life is called for from the time that the process of generation begins. From the time that the ovum is fertilized, a life is begun which is neither that of the father nor of the mother; it is rather the life of a new human being with his own growth.”

Declaration on Procured Abortion, Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (1974), paragraphs 11-12.

USCCB Website 

Pro Life Tube – New Website for Pro-Lifers

To all you great pro-life people– If you are looking for a pro-life community site, to find news and to “talk” with other pro-lifers, please visit http://www.prolifetube.org/ LayneMcDonald, with United for Life Foundation, in Birmingham, has worked hard to make this an effective site!

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Is Tax Exemption the New Thirty Pieces of Silver?

Pope Pius XI and the future Pope Pius XII warned Germany about this madman.

Will Catholic bishops warn America about the madmen running for office this November?

Before November, America Needs It’s Own “Mit Brennender Sorge”

Or is Tax Exemption the New Thirty Pieces of Silver? 


by Dr. Peter Frey

(Posted August 28, 2008 http://www.RemnantNewspaper.com) Throughout history, there have been repeated clashes between the Catholic Church and secular governments of one form or another. In several cases, priests and bishops stood up courageously to challenge an all-powerful despotism. Two English bishops, St Thomas Becket and St John Fisher, did this at the cost of their lives: Becket for defending the temporal rights of the Church versus King Henry II, Fisher the lone prelate to oppose the usurpation of Church power by Henry VIII by opposing his adulterous marriage. In the twentieth century, a similar clash developed between the Church and Nazi Germany.

The venerable and courageous Pope Pius XI drafted an encyclical with the title “Mit Brennender Sorge” (“With burning concern”) addressed to the German episcopate. The actual author was the then Secretary of State, Eugenio Cardinal Pacelli, the future Pope Pius XII. Written in German, rather than Latin as was customary, the encyclical condemned the racist and pagan atheism of the Nazi regime, and the exaltation of the state or the “Volk” above God and Church. The document was smuggled into Germany and was read from the pulpit of every German church at Mass on Passion Sunday, 1937. Thus the Pope’s views on the totalitarian state were made known PUBLICLY. No German Catholic could claim ignorance of the Church’s teaching, nor did it leave any “wiggle room” for equivocation or “misunderstanding.” Reading it at Sunday Mass was a dramatic method to inform German Catholics. It caused a huge reaction across the country, and quite obviously enraged Hitler and his regime, which then began an intense persecution of the Church.

Today in the United States, there is another conflict between the stated views of society on important issues, the most important of which are abortion and homosexuality versus the teachings of the church. Ever since the Roe vs. Wade court decision, American society has created a “right” for women to “choose” an abortion. Several states have passed laws changing the concept of holy matrimony beyond its God-defined end as between one man and one woman. In Catholic moral teaching, NO ONE, and no state has any authority over the moral order or the natural law. Thus American society and the Roman Catholic Church are on a collision course.

What is most alarming is the fact that, unlike Nazi Germany, we live in a free society, where the citizen can exercise his rights, where open elections are held, and where civic responsibility is part of our national heritage. With the Church’s teaching being very well known, with instant media access, no one in America can claim not to know what is going on concerning these important civil and moral issues.

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What’s wrong with gay people? Does the Bible run your life?

Q: What’s wrong with gay people? Does the Bible run your life?
Whats so bad about gay people? They aren’t hurting anyone and why should it be your business how someone lives? It’s not like they chose to be gay.

A: “Gay” people are often very nice folks. Unfortunately, the things that they do are seriously disordered, sinful, and contrary to the natural law.

And whether that behavior is genetic or by choice makes absolutely no difference at all.

Lately, gay folks have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get straight people to accept their deviant lifestyle, as though it was something to be proud of.

It’s not … and we won’t.

Keep it to yourself.