Why do some ex-Catholics say that Catholics worship Mary and the Saints?

Q: Why do some ex-Catholics and Protestants say that Catholics worship Mary and the Saints?

A: The biblical concept of “kinsman redeemer” gives any blood relative the right to intercede on behalf of one of their own.

Jesus is the primary kinsman redeemer. He became a man so he would qualify, as we are all related through Adam.

Other than Jesus, anyone else who is rich and powerful enough to do so, may also intercede.

The saints in Heaven are most certainly co-heirs with Jesus Christ, and the inheritance of the saints includes both power and authority.

This is why Catholics quite rightly understand that there is absolutely nothing wrong with looking to Mary and the saints for help, since all that they might be able to do for us is wholly dependent on Jesus Christ.

And while Jesus is indeed the only mediator between God and man, there is absolutely no prohibition against the saints interceding for us with Jesus.

In fact, according to the Bible, the role of the Queen Mother is to be the official intercessor with the King, for the people.

Protestants should understand the concept of kinsman redeemer well, since it is the subject of many Protestant Bible studies on the Book of Ruth.

The only reason many of them fail to make the obvious connection to Mary and the saints is their ignorance, and their deliberate, anti-Catholic bigotry.

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  1. I’m a Lutheran and even I know that Catholics don’t worship Mary and the Saints.

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