What Can You Tell Me About Heresies?

Q: What Can You Tell Me About Heresies?

A: Heresy is generally considered the adoption/promotion by a Catholic, of a belief or practice that is contrary to the authentic teachings of the Catholic Church.

Heresy is dangerous because it distorts or denies the truths that God has revealed, which serve to describe and explain his authentic nature. And since one of the main purposes of our human existence is to know and love the one, true God, the adoption of heresy makes that virtually impossible.

Many different heresies exist. They’re typically nothing new, most going back to the early days of the Church.

Heresies also tend to be cyclical … ebbing and flowing over time … seeming to disappear … only to pop up again in a slightly different form … streaming from the lying lips of a fresh, new heretic.

The fictional “DaVinci Code” book was a masterful demonstration of someone expertly mixing about 80% heresy with 20% authentic Christian truth, and subsequently leading many souls into confusion and error.

Click this link for a brief study of the most common heresies

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