Is the religious experience like the suspension of disbelief at the movies?


Q: Is the religious experience like the suspension of disbelief at the movies?

A: Not if you’re Catholic.

Catholics have the advantage of 2000 years worth of the finest and most scholarly systematic theology, philosophy, and history that the world has ever known, based on the eye witness testimony of Jesus, the founder of our Church, and the apostles, the men he hand-picked and trained to establish and run it.

We also have the world’s longest reigning, independent and continuous government, along with the universal participation and contributions, both intellectual and spiritual, of over a billion people, from every nation on earth.

A few mysteries still remain, but nothing the average intelligent person can’t easily resolve in their own mind, with a little help from their friends in Christ.

Hollywood is make-believe. Authentic Christianity is based on solid historical facts, and proven supernatural principles.


  1. The church with the 2000 years of history is not Catholic (and certainly not Roman) but catholic, as in universal. The RCC came into being only after the Great Schism of 1054 that split the One Church into Western and Eastern branches.

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