Is There A “Right Way” To Pray?


Q: I don’t memorize all the prayers, but when I do talk to God, I talk to him like a friend, like how you would talk to a friend, like when I think to myself, I’m not just thinking to myself, I’m thinking/talking to God in my head.

When I say I talk to him like a friend, I mean literally like how you would talk to your best friend or drinking buddy, or something.

Is that wrong? Is there a right way of doing this? It’s weird but sometimes, he kind of answers back in different ways I can’t explain …  or am I just crazy?

A: You can talk to God any time you like, and just about any way you like, but by failing to understand the practical value of traditional Catholic prayers, you do yourself a great disservice.

The main purpose of tradiitonal Catholic prayers is to provide a regular, proven, and time-tested way of giving God thanks and praise, telling him you’re sorry for your sins, asking him for whatever you might need, promising to try to do better next time around, and reaffirming your faith.

If you’re not covering all these “bases” in your conversations with God, then you’re probably leaving yourself in a precarious spiritual situation.

I suggest that you begin supplementing your existing prayer life with an “Our Father” a “Hail Mary” a “Glory Be” and the “Fatima Prayer”.

That way, by devoting only about two minutes of additional prayer time, you’ll leave nothing out and leave nothing to chance, and you’ll be spiritually prepared for just about anything that might come your way.

Believe me, you’re going to need it.

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