Why do catholics and orthodox still pray to saints?

stpioclr Saint Pio

Q: Why do catholics and orthodox still pray to saints?

If they had nothing to hide why did they persecute followers of mani,paulicians,bogomils,waldens,cathars and finaly protestants.If catholics and orthodox realy believe in resurrection of jesus then why do they pray to dead saints and use non living images to get concentration while praying to the omnipresent living god.

A: Catholics have always worked to promote the authentic truths of the Christian faith and to suppress heretics and their many lies, since those lies lead many to eternal damnation.

According to Jesus Christ, who remains the founder and the head of the Catholic Church, God is the God of the living. Not the dead.

All the faithful who have gone before us are presently with God. Not asleep in some grave.

Read your Bible to see the many times when God personally prescribed the use of non living images for various types of sacred vessels and for many other good purposes.

Perhaps you should reconsider and reevaluate the sources of your strange beliefs.

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