What are cafeteria Catholics?


Q: What are cafeteria Catholics?

A: Cafeteria Catholics pick and choose what they believe, and they ignore or simply discard the rest. Cafeteria Catholics are so because they typically lack humility and faith.

Often suffering from an overabundance of pride, they are either too ignorant or too lazy to inquire as to precisely what and why the Catholic Church authoritatively teaches on various issues, even though the information has always been readily available, for free.

We have an abundant supply of Cafeteria Catholic priests and bishops, as well.

Not much different than Protestants in that regard, although Catholics will likely be judged to a higher standard.


Link to the Catechism of the Catholic Church

Link to Bishop Sheen Audio Library

Link to the Holy Bible

Link to  Catholic teaching series by the Knights of Columbus

Link to the Vatican

Link to Catholic Education Resource Center

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