Christians: Why do some deny Mary’s favor with God?


Q: Christians: Why do some deny Mary’s favor with God?

A: It really makes no sense … especially for self-confessed “Bible literalists”.

The words of the angel Gabriel tell us all we need to know about Mary, and her part in God’s great mission of redemption.

Name one other time an angel “hailed” any human being, declaring them to be “full of grace” and/or “highly favored by God, so as to be eternally blessed.

Name one other person who encountered an angel and responded with such grace and discernment.

Name one other time that an angel waited patiently, so that a young Jewish girl might give her permission, so God could save the world.

Name one other person who carried God in her womb for 9 months, and dwelt in his immediate presence for over 30 years, right here on earth.

Name one other person who was so important to Jesus, that he made provisions for her care while he was hanging on the cross, only moments before he died.

Abraham is our Father in Faith. Moses is the Law Giver. Elijah is the Prophet. John the Baptist is the Forerunner.

Mary gave us Jesus, the one who IS salvation, his humanity made from her own flesh, by the Spirit of God.

Mary was also Jesus’ first, best, and most constant disciple. So what if there’s little mention of her in scripture?

God gave her the very best part.

Not bad for a creature who is merely a “vessel” to be “used” by God and then relegated to obscurity!

If anyone really thinks God works that way, then they simply don’t know God.

Mary as CoRedemptrix? Absolutely! And that takes absolutely nothing away from God, whose grace makes it all possible.……


  1. I would reason from the scriptures rather than tradition. The scriptures tell us clearly that we are to pray directly to God in Christ and through no other. The scriptures would include: Luke 11:27-28; Colossians 3:17; Matthew 6:9-13; 7:11; 15:7-9; James 1:5; 1:17; John 15:16; 16:23; Ephesians 3:20; Philippians 4:6-7; 1 John 5:13-15. Jesus says it is not Mary who is blessed, but rather those who hear the word and do it. Jesus and the apostles repeatedly say that we are to pray directly to God and we will be heard. We need not pray to His mother or any other according to scripture. May God bless your heart as you seek His. Bryan

    • The particular bias of your own chosen faith tradition is why you prefer to reason from scripture alone … a position that can be found nowhere in scripture, by the way.

      Based on scripture, we could also say that Jesus told us to pray only the Lord’s Prayer. And Jesus’ name isn’t even mentioned in it. But the Church has never taught such a thing.

      So, reasoning from scripture alone gets you nowhere fast, since Catholic sacred tradiiton is the normative means by which the Holy Spirit has always guided the authentic Church, from age to age.

      The scriptures do not tell us to pray directly to God through Christ. The scriptures simply tell us that no one comes to the Father except by Jesus Christ.

      A complete understanding of that statement leaves plenty of room for the work of Mary and the other saints … all of whom are authentically empowered by the grace of Jesus Christ.

      Christ’s “Great Commission” provides the literal proof that God relies on others to bring souls to him. Whether the others are saints in Heaven, or those still alive on earth, really makes no difference to the one being saved… or to God … who only desires that all men be saved, and come to the knowledge of his truth.

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