Sign the Pro-Life Petition for Pope Benedict XVI


Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The anti-life forces in the Catholic Church have found one way or another to discount and/or disregard all the authentic Church teachings, regarding abortion and other life issues.

There are a number of excellent magisterial documents and papal encyclicals out there,  but they are simply not getting the job done.

The only way I can see to finally eliminate the debate and end the subterfuge is for the Holy Father to make an explicit, dogmatic, Ex Cathedra statement that clearly and infallibly “lays down the law” on the matter, once and for all.

Catholic Canon Law 212 permits the use of thoughtful and respectful petitions, such as this one.

Should the Pope grant our request, such a dogmatic statement would provide a solid base for all  pro-life efforts at every level, and perhaps begin to turn the tide against the forces of death in the Church … and in the world.

Denver Archbishop Charles J. Chaput explains at length how and why we got into this mess, and what else might need to be done:
Click here to read it
Here’s a couple of recent letters by Bishop Martino of Scranton, Pennsylvania to Catholic Pennsylvania Senator Robert Casey, regarding his pro abortion vote to overturn the Mexico City Policy: 

Click here to read the first one

Click here to read the last one

Exporting abortion and paying for it with U.S. dollars is not only an affront to all Americans, it is a crime against the universal Church, which exists in virtually every country of the world. The Senator remains unrepentant. 



Here’s the text of the petition:

Dear Pope Benedict XVI,

In light of the recent widespread confusion regarding the official Catholic Church position on the issues of abortion, stem cell research, cloning, birth control and euthanasia, we respectfully request that you prepare and issue without delay, a dogmatic Ex Cathedra statement clearly defining the beliefs which must be held and affirmed by every Catholic,  in regard to these most fundamental human rights issues.

Specifically, we need a precise definition of  when life begins and ends, along with an absolutely clear definition of the essential duties of Catholic voters; of bishops, priests, deacons and religious; of politicians, government workers, teachers, lawyers, judges, and police; of scientists, nurses, pharmacists, and physicians; as well as hospitals, universities, seminaries, primary and secondary schools, and other types of Catholic institutions.

Click here to sign the petition

Thank you for your help!

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