SSPX Bishop Williamson Apologizes for Holocaust Comments


“Observing these consequences I can truthfully say that I regret having made such remarks, and that if I had known beforehand the full harm and hurt to which they would give rise, especially to the Church, but also to survivors and relatives of victims of injustice under the Third Reich, I would not have made them.”

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Would it be wrong for us to make an Image of God?


Q: Would it be wrong for us to make an Image of God?

A: The matter was a controversial one in the early Church.

The concern was the original prohibition against idol worship contained in the 1st and 2nd commandment, as well as certain localized cultural differences.

After much debate, the Church authoritatively decided that since God chose to real himself in and through the flesh of his divine son Jesus, which was and is the image of a Heavenly thing, and since there was no longer any doubt or confusion about the incarnation of Jesus Christ as both fully God and fully man, and since the old law in its’ entirety was perfectly fulfilled and set aside by Jesus Christ in favor of the authority of the New Covenant, universal Church, that there was no longer any reason to prohibit Church approved types of sacred art and statuary.

To sum it up: Ever since God revealed himself to mankind through the incarnation of Jesus Christ, everyone knows who God is and what what God (Jesus) looks like, and only an idiot would choose to worship a picture, or a lump of wood, clay, or marble, instead.

John 14:7 If you had known me, you would without doubt have known my Father also: and from henceforth you shall know him. And you have seen him.
John 14:8 Philip saith to him: Lord, show us the Father; and it is enough for us.
John 14:9 Jesus saith to him: Have I been so long a time with you and have you not known me? Philip, he that seeth me seeth the Father also. How sayest thou: Show us the Father?

By the end of the 8th century this became widely understood and accepted, and the controversy was essentially over … except for some misguided souls today, who think they know better.

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Group Gives New Proof of Pius XII’s Help for Jews


Says Pope Worked to Save Lives Before, During, After War
NEW YORK, FEB. 20, 2009 ( Recently uncovered documents show gestures of friendship and protection that Pius XII showed to Jews before, during and after World War II.

The Pave the Way Foundation, which works to promote dialogue between religions, publicized this Thursday.

The discoveries were made by the German historian and advisor of the foundation Michael Hesemann, author of the books “The Pope Who Defied Hitler” and “The Truth About Pius XII.” Hesemann found a number of documents in the Vatican Secret Archives that certified Pope Pacelli’s numerous interventions in favor of Jews.

He noted that Archbishop Pacelli intervened in 1917 while papal nuncio in Bavaria, going through the German government to demand that Palestine Jews be protected from the Turkish Ottoman Empire.

Hesemann also shows that in 1917, the future Pius XII used his personal influence to enable the World Zionist Organization representative, Nachum Sokolov, to meet personally with Benedict XV to talk about a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

In 1926, Archbishop Pacelli urged German Catholics to support the Committee for Palestine, which supported Jewish settlements in the Holy Land.

The foundation’s president, Gary Krupp, added these findings to the evidence he already had complied for a Pius XII symposium last September in Rome. Since this event, 300 new pages of original documents have been uncovered.

These documents, available for downloading from the foundation’s Web site, include a nun’s manuscript from 1943, detailing the Pope’s order to hide Jews in Rome and a list of protected Jews.

Another document is a 1939 report on the “new Pope” by the U.S. Foreign Service, from the American consul in Cologne. The diplomat reported surprise at the “extreme dislike” of Pacelli toward Hitler and the Nazi regime, and his support to the German bishops in their opposition to Nazism, even at the cost of losing German Catholic youth.

The foundation also provides a 1938 document, signed by then Secretary of State Eugenio Pacelli, in which he opposes the Polish bill outlawing kosher slaughter because he understood that this law would be a “grave persecution” against the Jewish people.

During the war, Pius XII saved 80,000 lives by persuading the Hungarian regent to prevent the deportation of the Jews. He also requested the Brazilian government to receive 3,000 “non-Aryans.”

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Denver archbishop warns against ‘spirit of adulation’ surrounding Obama


“I like clarity, and there’s a reason why,” began the archbishop. “I think modern life, including life in the Church, suffers from a phony unwillingness to offend that poses as prudence and good manners, but too often turns out to be cowardice. Human beings owe each other respect and appropriate courtesy. But we also owe each other the truth — which means candor.” – Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver

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An important related article from Archbishop Chaput

Sign the Pro-Life Petition for Pope Benedict XVI


Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The anti-life forces in the Catholic Church have found one way or another to discount and/or disregard all the authentic Church teachings, regarding abortion and other life issues.

There are a number of excellent magisterial documents and papal encyclicals out there,  but they are simply not getting the job done.

The only way I can see to finally eliminate the debate and end the subterfuge is for the Holy Father to make an explicit, dogmatic, Ex Cathedra statement that clearly and infallibly “lays down the law” on the matter, once and for all.

Catholic Canon Law 212 permits the use of thoughtful and respectful petitions, such as this one.

Should the Pope grant our request, such a dogmatic statement would provide a solid base for all  pro-life efforts at every level, and perhaps begin to turn the tide against the forces of death in the Church … and in the world.

Denver Archbishop Charles J. Chaput explains at length how and why we got into this mess, and what else might need to be done:
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Here’s a couple of recent letters by Bishop Martino of Scranton, Pennsylvania to Catholic Pennsylvania Senator Robert Casey, regarding his pro abortion vote to overturn the Mexico City Policy: 

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Exporting abortion and paying for it with U.S. dollars is not only an affront to all Americans, it is a crime against the universal Church, which exists in virtually every country of the world. The Senator remains unrepentant. 



Here’s the text of the petition:

Dear Pope Benedict XVI,

In light of the recent widespread confusion regarding the official Catholic Church position on the issues of abortion, stem cell research, cloning, birth control and euthanasia, we respectfully request that you prepare and issue without delay, a dogmatic Ex Cathedra statement clearly defining the beliefs which must be held and affirmed by every Catholic,  in regard to these most fundamental human rights issues.

Specifically, we need a precise definition of  when life begins and ends, along with an absolutely clear definition of the essential duties of Catholic voters; of bishops, priests, deacons and religious; of politicians, government workers, teachers, lawyers, judges, and police; of scientists, nurses, pharmacists, and physicians; as well as hospitals, universities, seminaries, primary and secondary schools, and other types of Catholic institutions.

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Thank you for your help!

Pelosi reportedly unrepentant after meetings with both Bishop and Pope


These types of things make one recall the parable of Lazarus and the rich man (Luke 16:19-31) which concludes with Father Abraham observing that if Moses and the prophets aren’t sufficient to turn someone from their evil ways, then it’s not likely they will pay attention to anyone.

Luke 16:31 And he said to him: If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they believe, if one rise again from the dead.”

Despite meetings with her own Archbishop Niederauer and Pope Benedict XVI,  the Speaker has apparently not budged, with regard to her position on abortion.

Of course, President Obama also recently told the Pope that “We must agree to disagree” on the matter of abortion.

Writing in the Catholic newsweekly Our Sunday Visitor, Valerie Schmalz reports that Pelosi press spokesman Brendan Daly told her, “She [Pelosi] is not changing her position on abortion.” In addition, reported Schmalz, “Daly said Pelosi still goes to Mass and Communion every Sunday at San Francisco’s St. Vincent de Paul parish or elsewhere when she is traveling.”

A little additional advice for Pelosi … not that she’ll pay any attention: For your own spiritual welfare, keep going to Mass, but don’t go up for communion (or attempt to receive ANY of the other sacraments, for that matter)  until you’ve had a profound change of mind (and heart) with regard to your decrepit and patently evil position on abortion and other life issues. 

(1stCorinthians 11:27-29) For as often as you eat this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the death of the Lord until he comes. Therefore whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord unworthily will have to answer for the body and blood of the Lord.  A person should examine himself,  and so eat the bread and drink the cup. For anyone who eats and drinks without discerning the body, eats and drinks judgment on himself. That is why many among you are ill and infirm, and a considerable number are dying.

Joe Biden and many other anti-life Catholic politicians and judges should also be very concerned for the salvation of their souls … as should anti-life judges and politicians from all denominations, all levels of federal, state, and local government, and from BOTH political parties.

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Obama eclipses Jesus as Americans’ hero, poll finds


.- Respondents to an online poll which asked them to name their heroes were more likely to name President Barack Obama than Jesus Christ.

The Harris Poll, conducted online among 2,634 U.S. adults between Jan. 12 and Jan. 19, asked respondents to name three people they admire enough to call a hero. Those surveyed gave spontaneous answers and were not shown or read a list of people to choose from.

Respondents most often named Barack Obama, followed by Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King, Jr., Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.

Mother Teresa was the tenth most often named, while God was the eleventh most.

“The fact that President Obama is mentioned more often than Jesus Christ should not be misinterpreted. No list was used and nobody was asked to choose between them,” Harris Interactive said in a statement.

In a similar poll in July 2001, respondents most often named Jesus Christ as their hero, followed by Martin Luther King, Jr., Colin Powell, John F. Kennedy, and Mother Teresa.

Asked to identify what they believe makes someone a hero, respondents named doing what’s right regardless of personal consequences, not giving up until the goal is accomplished, doing more than what other people expect of them, overcoming adversity and staying level-headed in a crisis.