Father Groeschel Suffers Stroke


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Monday, March 30, 2009 9:35 AM

Father Benedict Groeschel, whose whole life has been spent preaching the Gospel, suffered a minor stroke in mid-March, leaving him with some speech difficulties.

Father Benedict made the news public on his regular Sunday evening talk show March 29 on the Eternal Word Television Network, “Sunday Night Life with Father Benedict Groeschel.”

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Weigel, Kmiec lock horns over Obama Notre Dame scandal


Weigel – “The Catholic defense of the right to life is not a matter of arcane or esoteric Catholic doctrine: You don’t have to believe in the primacy of the pope, in seven sacraments, in Mary’s assumption into heaven, in the divine and human natures of Christ—you don’t even have to believe in God—to take seriously the Catholic claim that innocent human life has an inalienable dignity and value that demands the protection of the laws.”

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Hillary Clinton leaves flowers for Our Lady of Guadalupe, asks ‘Who painted it?’


The image of Our Lady of Guadalupe was miraculously imprinted by Mary on the tilma, or cloak, of St. Juan Diego in 1531. The image has numerous unexplainable phenomena, such as the appearance on Mary’s eyes of those present in the room when the tilma was opened and the image’s lack of decay.

Mrs. Clinton was received on Thursday at 8:15 a.m. by the rector of the Basilica, Msgr. Diego Monroy.

Msgr. Monroy took Mrs. Clinton to the famous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which had been previously lowered from its usual altar for the occasion.

After observing it for a while, Mrs. Clinton asked “who painted it?” to which Msgr. Monroy responded “God!”

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Catholic Super Site for Audio, Video, Text and More – Gloria TV


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The Notre Dame – Obama Scandal

Life - Wisconsin Right To Life - News Release

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

America, particularly Catholic America, is outraged that the University of Notre Dame has invited Barack Obama to speak at its commencement May 17.

Thus, the most notoriously pro-abortion President in history will be honored by the Catholic institution of Notre Dame.

Here is the response of Notre Dame President Fr. John Jenkins C.S.C.: “The invitation of President Obama to be our commencement speaker should in no way be taken as condoning or endorsing his positions on specific issues regarding the protection of life, such as abortion and embryonic stem cell research.”

Wisconsin Right to Life Executive Barbara Lyons said, “Given that millions of unborn children face death under Obama Administration policies, I am sending an email to Fr. Jenkins asking if Notre Dame would welcome an avowed racist who favors slavery to give the commencement address.”

“If Jenkins had invited such a speaker, would his response be “Our invitation to Speaker X should in no way be taken as condoning slavery or racism, even though the speaker ardently supports them,” continued Lyons.

Wisconsin Right to Life is urging people to contact Fr. Jenkins by phone at 574-631-5000 or via email at president@nd.edu and call upon him to recind the invitation.

To learn more about Barack Obama – the most pro-abortion President in U.S. history  – vist the website of Wisconsin Right to life at http://www.wrtl.org/

Montana plane crash family owned huge chain of California abortion mills


The extended  family members who died in the fiery Monana plane crash were kin to Irving ‘Bud’ Feldkamp, owner of the largest for-profit abortion chain in the nation. The crash site is a Catholic Cemetery, not far from ‘the ‘ Tomb of the Unborn’a memorial to millions of abortion victims. 

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Nobody but God can judge these things, but there’s little doubt that actions have consequences, and it would be foolish for anyone to ignore God and his righteousness.

May God have mercy on their souls.

If President Obama thinks he has a mere financial crisis on his hands, he too is in serious danger of “crashing and burning”. Moral bankruptcy preceeded the financial kind by some 35 years … and Roe v. Wade is the proof. 

God will not not be marginalized, and his innocents will not go unrevenged, forever.

Consider this passage from the Book of Revelation:

Rev 14:6-7
And I saw another angel flying through the midst of heaven,
having the eternal gospel, to preach unto them that sit upon the earth
and over every nation and tribe and tongue and people,
Saying with a loud voice: Fear the Lord and give him honour,
because the hour of his judgment is come …

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Local girl makes good!


Pro-lifer singlehandedly stops Avon Breast Cancer Walk drive

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