Why don’t protestants respect Catholic beliefs?


Q: Why don’t protestants respect Catholic beliefs?

A: Some do. Many do not.

When the first protestants invented their all new and novel forms of Christianity, they made up all their own rules from scratch … and they had absolutely no authority from God to do so.

Many of today’s protestants never learned that, and were led into their current state of confusion/heresy/apostacy by the leaders of their own particular faith traditions … so they may well be ignorant of the facts.

Conversely, Jesus Christ personally founded the Catholic Church while he still walked the earth, and he constituted the Church in much the same way that the old Jewish system was originally put together … on the three witnesses of scripture, tradition, and the teachings of those in authority.

Sanctifying grace also plays an essential role … and that’s something that was not part of the Hebrew system.

Thanks to God’s divine providence, Jesus remains at the head of the Catholic Church, and the Holy Spirit remains as the Church’s constant advocate and arbiter of all divine truth. Because of all this, the Catholic Church really has no choice but to officially teach what was faithfully handed down to it by Jesus and the original aposles.

This is essentially why the authentic Catholic Church is both infallible and indefectible.

Based on all of the above and more, one who disrespects the Catholic Church disrespects God, and one who disrespects Catholics disrespects God’s very own adopted children.

Any way you look at it, those types of folks are likely to have a lot of explaining to do, come Judgment Day.


  1. When the first Protestants invented their all new and novel forms of Christianity, they made up all their own rules from scratch … and they had absolutely no authority from God to do so.”

    This statement is a State of disrespect
    Also UN true
    The Protestant comes from the word protest. There were many Protests before Luther. On subjects like Married priest, Common person Reading the Word of God and the Bible being translated to different languages. These issues and many more were way before Luther.

    Luther was a Roman Catholic Persist his parish was in Germany he also was a highly respected theologian in Roman Catholic Church. He had the accept of the 7 prince’s of Germany, Hungry the Eastern northern part of Europe. The Prince had the Governing authority to grant Luther His Authority. Rome basically could not afford to go to war they would have got there tails kick by Germans.
    There were others at that time also Calvin in France , Tyndale in England , Knox in Scotland all were Roman Catholic Priest. Check your facts you statement reads that these men made up there own system. The Roman Catholic Church had gotten so far from the word of God that these bright men in faith stood up to the Earthly authority and exercised there ex-o-cia Greek word in the NT describing Jesus authority.

    Jesus did not start the Roman Catholic Church as you know it the ordinal catholic church was the 7 Churches found in Scripture. Roman has basically tore the others to shed before Rome was Converted to Christianity under Constantine.

    Now why do Protestants disrespect Roman Catholic Dogma, because it is not Scriptural Dogma? Dogma is a Greek word for Law.

    Because Roman Catholic Priest don’t tech the word of God they teach there own Dogma that they created to control the population , Penitents, Purgatory , Grace and Salvation can only be Imputed from the Roman Catholic Church, Marriage of Priest and Nuns, Homo-sexuality is actually encourage in the Roman Catholic Church because of the Greco-Roman culture in which Rome grew out of (Scripture teaches that Homo-sexuality is a sin)(NON of these percepts are in scripture friend) The Roman Catholic Church is actually a rejection of Jesus.

    Jesus is the Hi-Priest after the order of Melchizidek (Hebrews) I don’t need a earthly middle person God any more I have Jesus this is the foundation on which Protestants base there Theology that it’s (Sola Scripta) Which means Gods Word the Bible is the Authority not a lil man in pajamas in Rome. God is every were not Just in a Building in Rome.
    Rome actually took Roman law and used it to make there Doctrines, not Scripture it Self.
    Luther and others wanted to have a decongestion from the perspective of the original Languages and aula history not the Papas interposition but From Scripture. The Bible wasn’t written in Latin.
    Common Greek and Hebrew and the trade language of Aramaic.

    • The facts are clear. Protestants deliberately threw out the fundamental rules that God had earlier put in place for both the Jewish Temple Worship System/Levitical Priesthood and those of the Catholic Church. Rules that rely on the three witnesses of scripture, tradition, and the authoritative teachings of those who sit in the “chair” … of Moses and of St. Peter.

      The rules that were put into place by the reformers (Salvation by Faith Alone) and (Faith in the Bible Alone) were never before practiced by any of the people of God, and the rules cannot even be found in scripture. In fact, Martin Luther took the liberty of illicitly inserting some of them into scripture, on his own.

      If this is a statement of disrespect, then let the truth be told, far and wide. Many of your own comments about the Catholic Church … the only Church that Jesus ever founded … are neither truthful or respectful.

      DOGMA is the authoritative body of doctrines concerning the Christian faith, as authoritatively proclaimed by the Catholic Church.

      Dogma is not law, although the Church has the power to make laws for the purpose of governing the Church, and for the salvation of souls.

      The protestants rejected the authority of the Catholic Church, which is the only Church that was ever divinely chartered by Jesus Christ, in favor of their own innovative and radically new personal interpretations of scripture. Interpretations that were obviously inspired by no one … other than the men you mentioned: Luther, Calvin, Tyndale, Knox, et al.

      All of these men gave up their priestly faculties in order to pursue their particular heretical endeavors.

      Jesus didn’t found 7 churches. He founded only one universal Church … the Catholic Church … and it has been known as such since at least 107 AD in the writings of St. Ignatius. The apostles, faithfully responding to Jesus’ “Great Commission” founded all the rest. And they did it without benefit of any authoritative New Testament scripture, at all.

      Your opinions as to whether the teachings of the Catholic Church are scriptural are based solely on your own biases and on the teachings of your own particular and totally non-authoritative faith tradition. Furthermore, the Catholic Church predates all New Testament scripture, so logically, the New Testament of the Bible accurately reflects only authentic Catholic teachings, practices, and beliefs. Not protestant ones.

      You’re right about Jesus being a High Priest foreever, according to the order of Melchizidek. And of course, a High Priest would have a great number of other priests under his authority, in order to teach and to sanctify the People of God.

      God never relied on scripture alone to accomplish tasks like that. He relied on faithful and often flawed people. In this case, the authentic Catholic ministerial priesthood, working side by side with the laity … the royal priesthood of all believers in Christ. Jesus personally made the apostles the first Catholic priests, and he gave the apostles the power and authority to make more priests, as they saw fit.

      You should also know that by the time the protestant reformers got around to rewriting the Bible, they had no choice but to rely on Catholic source documents, since the other available texts dated back only to the Textus Receptus of around the 11th century. And while you seem to have a problem with Latin, you fail to note that God never gave us the scriptures in English, either. I’ll take St. Jerome’s great work over that of a bunch of protestant political appointees, any day.

      In short, you have a right to believe anything you like, even if it’s totally wrong, and it appears that you’re actually pretty close to that goal.

      May God grant you all the desires of your heart … and soon!

  2. Your Blog tore my formating up I hope you get the point.

  3. “Church really has no choice but to officially teach what was faithfully handed down to it by Jesus and the original aposles.”

    Jesus never taught pergatory or paying of pentaints, he never taught that priest shouldnt be married , He never said that my Chruch would Be in Rome.

    The idea that a Ceaser was the incarnation of God on earth. Is were Roman Cathloics got the Idea that the Pope is the In Carnation of God on earth. Do you the exchange of Lanage here , the Roman Law dint change just the Langage. Theres no differnce in saying that Cearsar is the incarnation of God and the Pope there the same.

    That Fact Jesus was and is and will be the in Carnation of God on earth. Everything eles is a false imatation.

    • You claim things about Jesus’ teachings that you can’t possibly know for certain. The Bible records only scant information about the people and things that happened while Jesus walked the earth. The Church was there with Jesus throughout his public life. The Church witnessed all of those things first hand, while the Holy Spirit infallibly preserves the entire sacred deposit of faith, from age to age.

      Jesus personally constituted the Catholic Church, complete with the holy office that we now know as the papacy.

      This is clear to all except those who absolutely refuse to see it, since it’s written in the plain text of the scriptures, and it is also authentic historical fact.

      Nobody ever charged a fee for the sacrament of reconciliation, if that’s what you’re referring to. There was a short lived, illicit sale of indulgences. The sale was eliminated. Not the indulgences. Indulgences do not forgive sins, and cannot get anyone out of hell. As for Purgatory, St. Paul seems to understand the concept quite well, when he speaks about three types of divine purification for departed souls, as if by fire … and all with somewhat different outcomes.

      Jesus did in fact recommend a celibate life for priests, if they could handle it, and so did St. Paul. Both comments are scriptural.

      The fact that St. Peter went to Rome to establish the Church there, in spite of the almost certain liklihood of his death, and the fact that the Church has been almost constantly headquartered in Rome ever since, indicates that the Church was exercising the authority that Jesus gave to it. Since the Church successfully converted both the Roman emperor, then the Roman empire, and then most of the known world, while working out of Rome, it would appear that the strategy was a God inspired one.

      The Pope is not God, and he’s not an incarnation of God. The Pope is a Bishop who occupies the top Holy Office of the Church that was personally constituted by Jesus, who is God. Read your scriptures a little closer, and you’ll see that both God the Father and Jesus selected St. Peter for the job.

  4. “Dogma is not law” Dude look up the greek word,Thats a Fact

    The Roman Cathlioc Chruch ddint exceist in the time of Jesus as you Claim.

    Jesus didn’t found 7 churches. He founded only one universal Church … the Catholic Church … Dude read the BIble there were 7 Chruches,
    Rev 1:11 saying “Write what you see in a book and send it to the “seven” churches, to Ephesus and to Smyrna and to Pergamum and to Thyatira and to Sardis and to Philadelphia and to Laodicea.”
    Jesus actual words

    • First … nobody calls me “dude”. The 7 churches in the Book of Revelation were founded long after Jesus Christ ascended to Heaven, and they were founded by one or more of the original apostles … most likely, St. John. Revelation was competed around the year 90 AD. Jesus ascended to Heaven around 34 AD. Do the math. When St. John received the Book, Jesus was speaking to him from Heaven. The Catholic Church, along with St. Peter as it’s earthly leader, was indeed founded by Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit presided at its’ official birthday, which was the first Christian Pentecost. I don’t know where you get your information, but you really ought to develop some better and more accurate sources.

      If you like Jesus’ actual words, try these, “Matthew 16:18-19 And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give to thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven. And whatsoever thou shalt bind upon earth, it shall be bound also in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth, it shall be loosed also in heaven.”

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