Montana plane crash family owned huge chain of California abortion mills


The extended  family members who died in the fiery Monana plane crash were kin to Irving ‘Bud’ Feldkamp, owner of the largest for-profit abortion chain in the nation. The crash site is a Catholic Cemetery, not far from ‘the ‘ Tomb of the Unborn’a memorial to millions of abortion victims. 

Click here to read the whole story, courtesy of Gingi Edmonds and Christian News Wire 

Nobody but God can judge these things, but there’s little doubt that actions have consequences, and it would be foolish for anyone to ignore God and his righteousness.

May God have mercy on their souls.

If President Obama thinks he has a mere financial crisis on his hands, he too is in serious danger of “crashing and burning”. Moral bankruptcy preceeded the financial kind by some 35 years … and Roe v. Wade is the proof. 

God will not not be marginalized, and his innocents will not go unrevenged, forever.

Consider this passage from the Book of Revelation:

Rev 14:6-7
And I saw another angel flying through the midst of heaven,
having the eternal gospel, to preach unto them that sit upon the earth
and over every nation and tribe and tongue and people,
Saying with a loud voice: Fear the Lord and give him honour,
because the hour of his judgment is come …

Thanks to Bob Stanley for bringing this article to our attention

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