Mexicans turn to Our Lady of Guadalupe in face of swine flu epidemic


Mexico City, Mexico, Apr 28, 2009 / (CNA) — The Archbishop of Mexico City, Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, is encouraging the faithful to pray to Our Lady of Guadalupe for an end to the swine flu epidemic that has taken the lives of more than 100 people in the country.

The cardinal also called for the beginning of novena prayers this past Sunday, asking “the Most Holy Mother of God, Mary of Guadalupe, to free the city and the country of this threat that looms over its inhabitants, as she has miraculously done in the past, especially during the plagues suffered in this same city in 1554, 1695, 1736 and 1850.”

The prayer in its entirety reads:

“Holy Mary of Guadalupe: You love us with special tenderness, You watch over us with maternal intercession, and you always grant us your efficacious help. We implore your protection and aid to quickly overcome this epidemic that has affected our nation. Shelter us under your mantle, deliver us from this illness. Intercede for all leaders and those who must make decisions, that they may have the wisdom to establish measures and priorities for prevention and the assistance of the entire nation, and especially for those who are most vulnerable. Grant us prudence and serenity in order to act responsibly and thus avoid being infected or infecting others. Come to the aid of health care workers, watch over the recovery of the infirm, and give comfort to those who are in mourning. Mother of the True God for whom we live, You who have rescued us from other plagues, commend us to the mercy of the One who healed us by his wounds and freed us from death by his Resurrection. Teach us to unite our suffering to his in order to find its redemptive meaning and to come out of this adversity strengthened in faith, hope and love. Amen.”

 Courtesy of California Catholic Daily and Catholic News Agency

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