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Upcoming UN Conference Will attack Church opposition to abortion…

…Abortion Radicals isolate the faithful at UN conferences…

….Help the Friday Fax defend the Church and the faithful from pro-abortion attacks…

May 6, 2009

Dear Friday Fax Reader,

As you read this letter, the UN is in the final planning stages of a conference in Berlin that will “celebrate” the 15th anniversary of the Cairo Conference on Population and Development.

At this meeting, there will be formal sessions led by UN bureaucrats for the benefit of UN delegates on how to counter and undermine religious opposition to abortion.

This meeting will also be led by archenemy of the Church, Catholics for Choice, the anti-Catholic pro-abortion group much loved in the halls of the UN.

This meeting will also be led by the biggest abortionist in the world, the International Planned Parenthood Federation. This is an organization that the UN considers to be an “apex NGO.” (NGO stands for non-governmental organization). The UN considers this baby-killing group as the most important partner on questions of what they call “reproductive health.”

This meeting in Berlin will be a hate-fest against the unborn child and against religious believers who seek to protect her from the abortionist’s knife.

Recall that the original Cairo Conference way back in 1994 was where Pope John Paul the Great beat back attempts by the UN to create an international right to abortion. This was where the UN pro-life movement was born.

On issues like abortion the Church
is almost totally isolated at the UN.

• I have watched with my own eyes as UN conference chairmen have berated Vatican negotiators for trying to speak. They are screamed at for “blocking consensus” on a woman’s right to abort her unborn child.
• I have watched as a single brave Vatican diplomat has stood totally alone against the weight of the world.
• I have seen Christian laymen stalked by UN security guards after pro-abortion radicals charge them with being dangerous!
• I have seen pro-life Christians stay in those hot and musty conference rooms all night long trying to stop the radicals from getting their way.

I know.
I have been among them.
So I know what is coming at this next
UN conference.

Sometimes C-FAM and the Friday Fax are the only friendly faces in the room as the Church fights Her lonely battle. And this is why I write to you today.

We are in the fourth week of our semi-annual fund drive to keep the Friday Fax alive and fully funded. We need you so badly.

The Friday Fax is not supported by big foundations. We have a paltry few what you might call big donors. The Friday Fax is supported solely by you and folks like you who are willing to shell out $50, $100, sometimes $500 to help keep the Friday Fax alive.

The Friday Fax has published continuously every week for eleven years. It is the only weekly source of pro-life and pro-family news coming out of UN headquarters in New York City and wherever UN radicals seek to impose abortion on the world.

We have broken dozens of important stories, including how UNICEF has repeatedly intervened in the domestic abortion debates in Latin America. 

We have reported so thoroughly on the nefarious work on the UN Population Fund that they have attacked us on their website. They have said our work is “criminal.”

And we are always in the small rooms at the UN where policy documents are hammered out. Either that or we are right outside the door!

The Friday Fax has built a global community of 200,000+ friends and allies who eagerly read our weekly reports and then act on them to change their own government’s policies.

Quite simply,
if the Friday Fax did not exist,
someone would have to invent it.

The Friday Fax needs your help and we need it right now. The Friday Fax is very expensive to produce. I estimate that it costs $177,000 a year to produce.

This includes office space (right across from the UN!), meager salaries for our reporters who work out of a windowless office, printing and postage for our regular mail edition and skyrocketing costs for emailing (yes that is expensive in the numbers we email….almost one million a month).

First and foremost, we need your prayers. Very clearly we are fighting not men but powers and principalities. You would not believe the oppressive feeling you get walking into a UN negotiation.

But we also need your sacrificial financial support. I need to raise $20,000 in the next seven days. Can you help us with a part of that?

I know from reading my mail that folks love the Friday Fax. There is really nothing like it.

If you are among those who love it, who pass it along to their friends, to their children, to their pastors, please help us in our time of need?

Click HERE and give any one of a number of ways; using our totally secure online server, by electronic check, wire transfer. You can also mail your check to our office:

C-FAM/Friday Fax
1100 G Street NW
Suite 450
Washington DC 20005

Click HERE and give to support the Friday Fax in our sometimes lonely mission to report on UN pro-abortionists.

Can you afford $500? $100? $50? Any amount will help.

But we need to raise $20,000 in the next seven days!

I cannot tell you now often negotiators from the Vatican have thanked me and my staff for doing our work, for simply being there into the wee hours of the morning, sometimes the only friendly face they will see.

This summer they will need us again in Berlin when the Church and the faithful will come under attack from pro-abortion radicals who will hold formal talks on how to undermine the Church’s teaching on abortion.

Help us be there. Help us keep publishing the Friday Fax. I need to raise $20,000 in the next seven days. Can you help us? Can you help us now? Click HERE!

Yours sincerely,
Austin Ruse

P.S. An Archbishop who now lives in a war zone who was one of those diplomats at the UN who was grateful for the witness of the Friday Fax and of Friday Fax personnel. I am still in touch with him and he is still a faithful reader of the Friday Fax.

P.P.S. There is another Bishop, in the United States, who was one of those Vatican negotiators. He is still a reader of the Friday Fax.

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