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Years ago (about 30 years ago!), while in college, I attended a pro-abortion meeting on campus.  It was instructional about the use of semantics.  We were instructed not to call the unborn a baby (use “mass of cells”, “fetus”). 

I was a nursing student.  I knew what was growing.  I asked if it would not be better to just acknowledge that the rights of the woman should take place over the right of the child.  I was taught young “Never play dumb for anyone, especially a man, there will be enough things you really won’t know.  Don’t hide your intelligence.” 

So here I was as a young and independent college woman, balking at the idea of pretending I didn’t know what the womb contained, trying to tell the campus choice leaders that we should use the right terminology but stick to our position.  A fellow student commented that if we used the word “baby” people would think we were monsters.  Others agreed.  The leader of the meeting again reiterated the importance of using the proper terminology.  Also, don’t say pro-life, say anti-abortion.  Don’t say pro-abortion (it sounds bad), say pro-choice. 

I was silent the rest of the meeting having been properly shut down by everyone agreeing with the leader to not, under any circumstances, call the unborn a baby. 

I left changed.  I started thinking more and after lots of months of struggle (I wanted to be liberated!) realized…we don’t call it a baby because that would be monstrous.

 It was a heart, soul, eye-opening time for me.  No matter what the “prochoice” group feels about this, killing babies is monstrous. 

If you call it a mass of cells it’s much easier.  However, we are all a mass of cells. 

Ms. Howard gives herself away promptly when she says anti-abortion.  “Anti” anything sounds negative because “anti” means against.  I have some more semantics for you.  Pro choice or Pro life?  Anti-abortion or anti-life? 

Remember that Margaret Sanger (founder of Planned Parenthood) did not start that program to help the poor and minorities.  She started it because she felt the poor and minorities weakened the white race gene pool.  She wanted to help reduce their numbers by reducing the number of babies they had.  Look her up.  She was a known eugenist. 

I was emancipated at 16, got my high school degree, served in the military, got my bachelor’s degree and am a nurse.

If you are pro choice (or anti-life) then woman-up or man-up and acknowledge that you at least know what grows inside a pregnant mother.  Don’t use semantics to make your stance seem more logical.

I took all kinds of sciences to get my degree.  Not one science course suggested the unborn was anything but human.

I have some respect for the position of the Catholic students not wanting Obama honored.  Why would he be honored?  Speak, yes but what’s the deal with a Catholic University honoring such a pro-abortion person? 

It’s a Catholic University.  Good for them for not being willing to go down quietly!

There’s hope for America’s youth yet!

By Anne McDaniel on 05/13/2009 2:44 am

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