The four words that are saving babies from abortion


Not long ago a woman approached an abortion clinic in California. She was pregnant but didn’t think she could properly care for the child growing inside her womb. Like so many other women, she felt trapped … with no way out. Reluctantly, she sought the “solution” of abortion. But before she could follow through with her decision, something wonderful happened.

As she pulled in to the abortion clinic parking lot, she noticed two women standing on the sidewalk across the street. They were holding up identical signs and praying. The words on those signs were so powerful that it made the woman pause.

By the time she got to the abortion clinic’s front door, instead of going inside, she walked around the building, crossed the street and approached the two women. After talking with them for a few minutes, the woman agreed to go to a pro-life pregnancy center …

… and ultimately decided to let her baby live!

That child is alive today because of the courage of the two women standing outside that California abortion clinic … and the four words on their signs.

What were those four words? Simply these:

I Regret My Abortion

You see, when the woman who was about to keep that deadly appointment with the abortionists saw those signs and the women holding them, she began to have second thoughts. She later told the two ladies who’d been praying outside that abortion clinic:

“I looked over and saw you two and thought to myself, ‘Oh, no. That could be me in a couple years.’ So I came over to hear your stories. And I’m so happy that I did.”

I am writing to you today because I need you to click here right now and make a contribution to Priests for Life so that we can print up thousands of “I Regret My Abortion” signs! Each one will allow a woman ravaged by abortion to proclaim:

Abortion does untold damage to those it victimizes. I know. I had one. Talk to me before you do something you’ll regret the rest of your life!

This project is a key component of Priests for Life’s rapidly growing Silent No More Awareness Campaign … a campaign comprised of those who have felt the deadly sting of abortion in their own lives and are willing to go public with their deeply personal stories in the hope that their testimony will help bring to an end America’s abortion holocaust.

For far too long the emotional and physical pain of abortion was shrouded in secrecy and its victims too emotionally scarred to speak out.

But thanks to the grace of God and the work of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, women are now being freed from the bondage of abortion and going public with their stories. And like those two women in California …

… they are having a tremendous impact on abortion-vulnerable women and saving the lives of countless numbers of babies.

That’s because no one has more credibility when speaking out against the horror of abortion than a woman who has suffered through one herself.

In fact, you may recall that in The Gospel of Life, Pope John Paul II wrote directly to those who have had abortions, invited them to healing, and then said,

“With the friendly and expert help and advice of other people, and as a result of your own painful experience, you can be among the most eloquent defenders of everyone’s right to life” (EV, 99).

That’s at the basis of this campaign!

These real-life testimonies are both compelling and convincing … as the incident of that woman in California who was about to kill her baby proves. One short conversation with the two women holding their “I Regret My Abortion” signs changed her mind … and saved her baby.

That’s the power of personal testimony.

To understand this I invite to click here and read the heart-wrenching testimony of Ann Marie Cosgrove. I know Ann. She is a pro-life dynamo and directs the Silent No More Awareness Campaign in Minnesota.

After you read her story, I want you to answer this question:

Do you think that a woman who is open to life but feels herself trapped and sees abortion as her only way out would be influenced by Ann Marie’s testimony?

I know she would.

Like all the women involved with the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, Ann’s personal story is so compelling that it not only saves women and babies, but it brings passionate recruits into our pro-life family.

And thanks be to God, more and more women like Ann are coming forward to speak out!

That’s why I am counting on you to click here and be as generous as you possibly can so that Priests for Life can print up thousands more “I Regret My Abortion” signs.

For just as the Gospel spreads as people bear witness to its saving power in their own lives, so, too, the truth about abortion’s terrible horror – to mothers, fathers, babies and families – spreads as people bear witness in their own lives of just how much damage abortion has done to them.

And as I just said …

… no one is able to give a more believable testimony on the horror of abortion than a woman who has undergone its devastation herself.

Today I’m counting on you and the rest of our Priests for Life family to help them. Here’s how:

We need money – around $60,000 to be precise – so we can print up thousands of signs for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign to distribute around the country. These signs will be either:

1. The “I Regret My Abortion” signs that I already told you about (and a version for fathers of aborted children, that reads “I Regret Lost Fatherhood.”) Or …

2. Large signs with a simple two-sided message:

On one side it reads: Women Do Regret Abortion

On the other side it reads: Men Regret Lost Fatherhood

The “I Regret My Abortion” and “I Regret Lost Fatherhood” signs will be given out ONLY to women and men who have lost children to abortion … and only after we meet with them and make sure they are ready, willing, and able to talk with people about their abortion.

The key thing about these signs, as I told you at the very beginning of this letter, is that …

… they have the power to save lives and end abortion! And I mean that literally.

Knowing that (and based on the growing number of women logging on to the Silent No More website – – and writing out their personal testimony in the “Do You Regret Your Abortion” register), we want to print and distribute 5,000 “I Regret My Abortion” signs.

At a cost of $1.75 per sign … we need $8,750 to print all 5,000 “I Regret My Abortion” signs!

As for the “Women Do Regret Abortion” and “Men Regret Lost Fatherhood” signs, members of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign will hand these out at the two largest pro-life gatherings: the “March For Life” in Washington, D.C. and the “Walk for Life” in San Francisco.

Anyone can carry these signs as they march. And after the march, they can take them home and use them as they pray outside abortion clinics.

Our goal is to hand out 20,000 of these double-sided signs: 10,000 for the DC March for Life and another 10,000 for San Francisco.

At a cost of $2.50 per sign we will need $50,000 to print those signs!

For all 25,000 signs – 5,000 “I Regret My Abortion” signs and 20,000 of the larger double-sided signs – Priests for Life will need to spend a total of $58,750 … a lot of money to be sure. But certainly not a huge expenditure when you consider the great good the signs will produce.

So please click here and be as generous as you possibly can today to help Priests for Life print up these life-saving, mind-changing, eye-opening signs!

The sooner we can print them up – especially the “I Regret My Abortion” signs – the sooner we can get them into the hands of those women whom God has called to share their testimony publicly.

We already have the distribution network in place to do that.

As of my writing to you today there are 81 Silent No More Regional Coordinators working in all fifty states! Having met many of them, I can tell you that these people are tireless workers for life. They know the horror of abortion first-hand … and they are on fire to share their personal testimonies with as many of our fellow Americans as they can.

What’s more, we know the impact these signs make. They challenge a primary message of the pro-abortion movement, namely, that abortion helps women.

In fact, these signs helped former U.S. Senator Zel Miller. He once supported abortion. But because of the four words on these signs, he came to change his mind and is now ardently pro-life!

Even the U.S. Supreme Court acknowledged the women who come to regret their abortion. It did so in its 2007 abortion decision.

This should come as no surprise to any of us. After all, Christianity itself has advanced through the power of personal testimony! Think of St. Paul, for instance … and St. Augustine (the “Confessions”) … and so many others who witness to God’s power changing their lives.

That’s what the women and men of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign are doing!

For the sake of the youngest members of our human family, let’s help them!

So please click here and be as generous as you possibly can.

Send Priests for Life the largest gift you can so that we can print and distribute thousands of signs … signs that have the power to save the lives of innocent boys and girls.

In this way we will advance our goal of ending abortion because we will make abortion so unthinkable that no woman will be deceived into thinking it is a “solution” to a “crisis” pregnancy!

As Janet Morana – the Co-Founder of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign and Executive Director of Priests for Life – constantly reminds everyone, there is no such thing as an unplanned or “crisis” pregnancy. But there are many, many unexpected blessings!

Life is always a blessing. So even though the circumstances which brought about the pregnancy may not be the best or the most ideal, still, the new life created is a blessing. Once we get our fellow Americans to embrace that reality, we will end abortion.

And with your help today, we will empower those who are the most qualified to preach that truth – namely, those who have been victimized by abortion – to bring about that change of thinking.

Please click here and be as generous as you possibly can.

Just a few dollars from you today will help Priests for Life get four words printed onto thousands of pieces of black cardboard. But those four words – “I Regret My Abortion” – have the power to save lives and end abortion!

Thank you for your much-needed help today. And know that in appreciation for the sacrifices you make to support Priests for Life, I will continue to remember you at each Mass I offer; and so will all our priests.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Frank Pavone

National Director, Priests for Life and Gospel of Life Ministries

NOTE: If you prefer to send a check, please make it out to Priests for Life and send it to us at PO Box 141172, Staten Island, NY 10314. If you have any questions, call us toll-free at 888-735-3448.


  1. I would love to know how you support the countless children born to unprepared mothers who are being abused, neglected and starved while you’re collecting money to “print signs”? What do those signs mean anyway? Someone might regret going through an abortion, and many may rejoice that they didn’t punish a human being by bringing it into a life of suffering.

    • Funny how human beings seem to be at their best when they’re faced with adversity … unless government and/or society robs them of that opportunity. The right to life is universal and it applies to every human being, whether born or unborn. All the issues you mention have absolutely no bearing on this most essential of all human rights, since all genuine human rights come from God, and none of us are divine.

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