A mainstream Muslim comments on Tiller’s funeral, his life, and his gruesome work


Editor’s note: Muslim terrorists draw the line at abortion … something the U.S. Supreme Court, the U. S. Congress, and President Barack Obama, refuse to do. 

Umar wrote on 6/5/2009 10:38:42 PM:

The “Wichita Chapter of the Muslim Public Affairs Council” consists in its entirety of 1 person and is NOT representative of Islam. Islam unequivocally condemns the murder of the many healthy babies that Tiller massacred. The Holy Qur’an teaches that on the Day of Judgment the babies will ask for what crime they were killed. Tiller’s death, while illegal and therefore unsupportable by Islam, has at least temporarily brought a halt to the slaughter.

No Muslim should sign on to the statement of this service which according to their press release considers that “Our goal is to seek God’s peace and comfort, and pray for Dr. Tiller’s family and friends, the people of his congregation at Reformation Lutheran Church, and for our community. May God forgive us and lead us all to be better than we have been in keeping with God’s commandment to “love your neighbor as yourself.”

Note that this statement shamefully DOES NOT include Tiller’s victims.

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