Cardinal Bernardin and the “Catholic Campaign For Human Development” gave Obama his start in Chicago

obama planned parenthood

“The president said he had fond memories of Cardinal Bernardin and that when he started his neighborhood project, they were funded by the Catholic Campaign for Human Development,” he said. “After the first question, from the National Catholic Reporter‘s Joe Feuerherd, the president jokingly asked, ‘Was there really [a controversy at Notre Dame]?’”

“The president spoke about how during Cardinal Bernardin’s time the U.S. bishops spoke about the nuclear freeze, the sanctuary movement, immigration, and the poor, but that later a decided change took place,” added Father Kearns. “He said that the responses to his administration mirror the tensions in the Church overall, but that Cardinal Bernardin was pro-life and never hesitated to make his views known, but he had a consistent ‘seamless garment’ approach that emphasized the other issues as well. The president said that that part of the Catholic tradition continues to inspire him. Those issues, he said, seemed to have gotten buried by the abortion debate.”

(Editor’s note: President Obama, having personally witnessed the weak and misguided leadership of the USCCB and particularly, the Chicago Archdiocese … which gave him large sums of money to promote non-Catholic and anti-Catholic activities … with absolutely no oversite and no strings attached … has absolutely no respect for the Catholic Church … since no other person, group, or church … and certainly no political party … would ever do anything that obscenely foolish and/or ridiculous.

It’s no wonder Obama still can’t figure out what happened at Notre Dame, or why. 

As faithful Catholics, it is our responsibility to keep the pressure on President Obama without respite, until he realizes that “the good old days” he enjoyed under Cardinal Bernadin are no more, and can never be again. 

This is not the time for dialogue. This is the time for action. Tens of millions of innocent lives have already been lost to abortion.The lives of millions more hang in the balance.

Mr. President, stop the killing! Then we can talk.) 

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  1. Brilliant post, Doug! Thanks for this! I’m doing a short series on Alinsky and the Archdiocese this week. With your permission, I might link back to this post, if I may.


  2. […] from the Catholic press in the United States who met with President Obama in July 2009. (H/T: Doug Lawrence’s blog.) Fr Kearns states (emphasis mine): The President said he had fond memories of Cardinal Bernardin […]


  3. […] mentality and with Cardinal Bernardin’s seamless garment theology. No wonder that when he later spoke to a small group of Catholic journalists, he more or less told them that Cardinal Bernardin had […]


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