Freemasonry NOT compatible with Catholicism


Twelve (12) popes have collectively issued twenty-three (23) condemnations of Freemasonry on the grounds that Freemasonry’s teachings are incompatible with Catholic faith and morals.

Freemasonry is a religion of naturalism which denies the divinely revealed truths of the Catholic Faith.

Freemasonry teaches its members that they may attain eternal life by practicing the principles of Freemasonry, without any need to believe in Jesus Christ.

Freemasonry believes that the gods of all religions can be found under the Masonic god which they call the “Great Architect of the Universe.”

Freemasonry teaches that man can make himself fit for eternal life by his own natural efforts without grace.

Freemasonry treats all religious writings as equivalent expressions of the will of God.

Freemasonry requires its members to swear blood covenant oaths with self-curses invoking the penalties of mutilation and death.

Freemasonry’s most sublime doctrine is its belief in the resurrection of the body, which it exemplifies in a death-burial-and-resurrection rite called the Hiramic Legend.

In short, Freemasonry is an anti-Christian, counterfeit religion which has been authored by the father of lies. This is why the popes have called
Freemasonry “the synagogue of Satan” and the “implacable enemy of Christ and His Church.”

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  1. Oh great, another conspiracy blog. The truth is that nobody knows what is true and what isn’t, anymore about Freemasonry. There is so much information and disinformation about this criminal organization. This is my story about Freemasonry, and IT IS TRUE!

    Freemasonry is an organization of pedophiles. I was sexually abused at school by these people. They have single handedly corrupted every police agency and school system in Louisiana. They have clear racial agendas that are never mentioned in these “conspiracy blogs.” These agendas are backwards from any other type of racism. It involves violently encouraging other whites to sleep with coloreds. This will produce white flight and other social agendas that they are trying to create. My blog:

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