Rosencrantz (Emanuel) and Guildenstern (Axelrod) – Obama’s comic relief?


Just as the original Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were comedic in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” and Stoppard’s play, the cast of Emanuel and Axelrod is ridiculous in real life.

Vendettas by the White House can never work. They just demean the perpetrators.

Let’s face it, Obama’s time has come and passed. By 2012 he’ll be returning to his Hyde Park mansion he bought with the help of Tony Rezko… and R & G will be sprung lose to rebuild their incomes and nurture another huckster-maybe this time a physically disabled self-professed gay Hispanic nun from Alabama who will be ripe for their collaborative promotion.

I can just hear Katie Couric exclaim when she meets their new client: Wheeeeee!

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