Interview: Former Gay Youth Leader Re-Emerges to Tell His Dramatic Conversion Story

sodom_and_gomorrahDestruction of Sodom and Gomorrah

The truth is “obvious,” he explained.  “Heterosexuality is normal human sexuality, while homosexuality is a deviation. These are obvious things. What is so ground-breaking is how successful activists have been at clouding out reality.”

“I think as the angry media continues to perpetuate the myth that homosexuality can’t be cured, … I want to continue to send the message of truth in opposition to that lie,” he said, “supported by the fact that I have just continued to be happier, more confident, and much, much more healthy – and much less, less gay – since 2007 and the years before.”

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More on similar matters (PDF file)

(Excerpt from the above referenced PDF document:)

The average society, according to the historian Arnold Toynbee, lasts about 200 years until it starts to decline.

He writes that, out of the 19 societies catalogued from the beginning of written history, all of them declined and fell due to moral corruption.

Only two societies did not succumb to moral corruption, and they survived indefinitely. (One of them was western Christianity, namely Catholicism, the Holy Roman Empire and beyond).

Unfortunately, the institutionalization of homosexuality (e.g., homosexual marriage; homosexual rights, etc) is, Toynbee says, the final and most devastating immorality, since shortly thereafter the society completely collapses.

No society has ever survived long after homosexuality was legally condoned and permitted.

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  1. Michael Glatze left the church and now says he’s bisexual:

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