The Immaculate Conception

Much more on the Immaculate Conception from the Catholic Encyclopedia


  1. Non-biblical? The Immaculate Conception was necessary for the fulfillment of the entirety of the Old Testament scriptures in Jesus Christ, since the incarnation of a holy Messiah would truly have been impossible without it.

    The dogma of the Immaculate Conception is based essentially upon the totally unique and distinctive greeting of the angel Gabriel to the Blessed Virgin Mary, as recorded in Luke 1:27-38, “Hail Mary, full of grace…”

    After some 2000 years of study, reflection, and meditation, the Immaculate Conception remains the only logical and authentic explanation for all of this.

    For a more complete explanation, complete with extensive scripture references, go here:

  2. Doug,

    How is it that that Mary is born without sin though she had a sinful mother and father but at the same it is impossible for Jesus to be born without sin without a sinless mother?

    If Jesus’ sinless nature is dependant upon Mary having no sin, then Mary’s sinless nature would be dependant upon her parents having no sin and her parents having no sin would be dependant upon her grand parents having no sin etc, etc, etc. Nonsense.

    • God is sovereign and all powerful. He can do whatever he likes, for any reason, or for none at all. The Blessed Virgin Mary’s sinless nature is dependent solely upon the divine prerogative, and nothing else. Nonsense? Where do you think the computer/software/internet guys came up with the idea for a “firewall”?

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