Pro Life Protesters Shine the Light of Truth On Pa. Senator Casey’s Pro Abortion Votes

By Amy Worden


The protesters said they were with Washington, D.C.-based Insurrecta Nex, the group formerly known as Operation Rescue. Outside the Capitol building they accused Casey of selling out his constituents and his Catholic faith for supporting the health care bill and appropriations bills that they contended make funds available for abortions overseas.

“He votes the pro-abortion agenda,” said Suzanne Doller of Carlisle. “He’s a disgrace to his church.”

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Editor’s note: These brave protesters  from Insurrecta Nex should be commended for an extraordinarily “gutsy”, well planned, disciplined, well-reasoned public plea for life. The Senator obviously had no defense against the truth, and these brave souls spoke out clearly and forcefully for the truth of  the Catholic faith, as well as the truth of the Natural Law.

It’s this kind of public discourse that makes shady politicians cringe, and we need much more of it, if we ever hope to destroy the Culture of Death.

If you want to fax a letter to EVERY U.S. SENATOR OR HOUSE MEMBER, here are the links:

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