Psycho “Angie the Atheist” posts her abortion on Twitter

Angie has since shared that an ultrasound was not able to identify the age of her unborn child but the “state of my pregnancy” — which presents possible medical concerns for Angie since the mifepristone (RU 486 abortion drug) is only “safe” to use at certain time intervals in pregnancy.

Angie has since taken the abortion drug and has gone on to describe the “4-hour bleed out” that accompanies it and puts women’s health at risk.

She also talks about the two part drug process, saying “Today’s pill kills it, tomorrow’s pills will flush its carcass (as horrifying to lifers as I can do).”

Now, Angie appears to have no regrets for the abortion and harsh words for pro-life people who are upset by what she’s done.

“Don’t think you’re a moral crusader for trying to make me feel bad for killing a parasite that would’ve left my boy an orphan,” she writes. “I’ve been having depression as a result of pregnancy. Ending that will probably make me feel much better.”

She claims pro-life people don’t “care if I die in pregnancy as long as I give myself up nobly to the cause of breeding.”

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Editor’s note: Maybe this is just a cruel hoax. Either way, Barack Obama, the abortion President, would be proud!

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