Dominican nuns taught Oprah Winfrey the rosary

Oprah Winfrey was surprised after her recent show featuring the Dominican Sisters of Mary when the sisters in the studio said they had a present for her.

“No one ever gives me a present,” the television star said.

Then, as Sr. Teresa Benedicta related in a talk before a packed gathering at The Bean of Ave Maria Tuesday night, “the sisters gave Oprah a rosary, and taught her how to pray it. She seemed really interested.”

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15-minute mass brings new meaning to the term: “fast-food”

Despite the controversies which have rocked the church in recent years and the resulting fall-off in attendances at church services, Fr Michael Kenny has been packing them in at his Kilconly parish in Co Galway. The popular priest started his 15-minute Mass as nothing more than an experiment at the start of Lent, just over a week ago. And he attributes the speed of the service to foregoing a sermon — and having the help of a Eucharistic minister for communion.

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(Editor’s note: Just imagine what it’s like in the parking lot, after!)

Abortion Promoters, Homosexual Activists, Serial Killers and Terrorists: All Exhibit Classic Psychopathic Behavior

Characteristics and Traits

Like narcissists, psychopaths lack empathy and regard other people as mere instruments of gratification and utility or as objects to be manipulated. Psychopaths and narcissists have no problem grasping ideas and to formulating choices, needs, preferences, courses of action, and priorities. But they are shocked when other people do the very same.

Most people accept that others have rights and obligations. The psychopath rejects this quid pro quo. As far as he is concerned, only might is right. People have no rights and he, the psychopath, has no obligations that derive from the “social contract”. The psychopath holds himself to be above conventional morality and the law. The psychopath cannot delay gratification. He wants everything and wants it now. His whims, urges, catering to his needs, and the satisfaction of his drives take precedence over the needs, preferences, and emotions of even his nearest and dearest.

Consequently, psychopaths feel no remorse when they hurt or defraud others. They don’t possess even the most rudimentary conscience. They rationalize their (often criminal) behavior and intellectualize it. Psychopaths fall prey to their own primitive defense mechanisms (such as narcissism, splitting, and projection). The psychopath firmly believes that the world is a hostile, merciless place, prone to the survival of the fittest and that people are either “all good” or “all evil”. The psychopath projects his own vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and shortcomings unto others and force them to behave the way he expects them to (this defense mechanism is known as “projective identification”). Like narcissists, psychopaths are abusively exploitative and incapable of true love or intimacy.

Narcissistic psychopaths are particularly ill-suited to participate in the give and take of civilized society. Many of them are misfits or criminals. White collar psychopaths are likely to be deceitful and engage in rampant identity theft, the use of aliases, constant lying, fraud, and con-artistry for gain or pleasure.

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New! Free! “Request A Prayer” Service

A service of the Archdiocese of St. Louis.

When you request a prayer through our website, your intention is remembered in the daily prayers of about 100 contemplative nuns living in seven monasteries in the Archdiocese of St. Louis and in one monastery in the neighboring Diocese of Belleville, Illinois. Learn more about the contemplative nuns at prayer on the Office of Consecrated Life website.

It is easy to submit your request using our online form (click the button below). Please note: Unless you select the “do not post publicly” option on the form, your request will be posted on our website so that other website visitors can join in praying for your intention.

Due to the volume of prayer requests submitted, a personal reply cannot be sent. If you are in need of spiritual help, please contact your parish priest.

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“Ugly As Sin” – New Book – “Why They Changed Our Churches from Sacred Places to Meeting Spaces — and How We Can Change Them Back Again”

Michael S. Rose, in the eye-opening pages of Ugly as Sin, the book that banishes forever the notion that those of us who love traditional-style churches are motivated simply by nostalgia.

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Mother Teresa v. Hillary Clinton on abortion at 1994’s National Prayer Breakfast

Hillary Clinton’s encounter with Mother Teresa began, it just so happens, at the National Prayer Breakfast, way back in 1994. That year, the keynoter was a special guest: Mother Teresa. Nearly 3,000 packed a huge room. Near the dais were the president and first lady—the Clintons.

Unlike in typical years, where the keynoter sits among the assembled waiting for others to finish speaking, Mother Teresa appeared from behind a curtain only when called to the platform, and then slowly hunched toward the microphone. She began talking about Jesus and John the Baptist in their wombs, about their mothers, and how the “unborn child” in the womb of Elizabeth—John—leapt with joy, heralding the arrival of Christ as Mary neared Elizabeth, a moment known as “The Visitation.”

Mother Teresa next spoke of love, of selfishness, of a lack of love for the unborn—and a lack of want of the unborn because of selfishness. Then, the gentle sister made this elite group uncomfortable: “But I feel that the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because Jesus said, ‘If you receive a little child, you receive me.’ So every abortion is the denial of receiving Jesus.”

After an awkward silence, the entire ballroom erupted in a standing ovation that seemed to last minutes. It felt even longer to the embarrassed Clintons (and Al and Tipper Gore), who remained seated and did not clap.

Undeterred by the Clintons’ coldness, the tiny, aged lady was only warming up. Abortion was, said Mother, “really a war against the child, and I hate the killing of the innocent child, murder by the mother herself. And if we accept that the mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another? … This is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion.”

Hillary Clinton was shaken. But it wasn’t over.

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Psycho “Angie the Atheist” posts her abortion on Twitter

Angie has since shared that an ultrasound was not able to identify the age of her unborn child but the “state of my pregnancy” — which presents possible medical concerns for Angie since the mifepristone (RU 486 abortion drug) is only “safe” to use at certain time intervals in pregnancy.

Angie has since taken the abortion drug and has gone on to describe the “4-hour bleed out” that accompanies it and puts women’s health at risk.

She also talks about the two part drug process, saying “Today’s pill kills it, tomorrow’s pills will flush its carcass (as horrifying to lifers as I can do).”

Now, Angie appears to have no regrets for the abortion and harsh words for pro-life people who are upset by what she’s done.

“Don’t think you’re a moral crusader for trying to make me feel bad for killing a parasite that would’ve left my boy an orphan,” she writes. “I’ve been having depression as a result of pregnancy. Ending that will probably make me feel much better.”

She claims pro-life people don’t “care if I die in pregnancy as long as I give myself up nobly to the cause of breeding.”

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Editor’s note: Maybe this is just a cruel hoax. Either way, Barack Obama, the abortion President, would be proud!