How is it that Catholic politicians continue to violate Catholic principles with impunity?

More than forty years after the 2nd Vatican Council, the Catholic Church remains mired in confusion and still lacks confidence in its own re-oriented and re-purposed world view.

No wonder, since many traditional Catholic teachings and practices have been so “watered down” as to be almost unidentifiable,while others have been quietly de-emphasized or otherwise put away in the false hope that the Catholic Church might somehow become more acceptable to devotees of the world, the flesh and the devil.

This leaves the bishops in the difficult position of teaching equivocally about that which until fairly recently, has always been clearly defined, unequivocal, divine truth.

Equivocating about the truth is just another form of  lying … and lying is something that any politician (and most sensible Catholics) can easily identify, appreciate and understand.

So … and politicians obviously have absolutely no compunction about this … it’s merely the Catholic politician’s version of the lie vs. the bishop’s.

One politician to another!

President Obama isn’t even Catholic, yet he instinctively understands this, since for Obama and his ilk, there is no such thing as absolute truth.

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