It’s interesting to note that the seeds of the priestly abuse scandal were sown when Catholic seminaries decided to abandon traditional Thomistic theology for more modern, progressive stuff (meaning: radical theology, just a bit shy of outright heresy.)

St. Thomas clearly explains
– the 8  key  differences-
between the Muslim and Christian understanding of the nature of God, dealing positively and very specifically with the weaker areas of  Islamic beliefs, the Muslim system consisting (essentially) of a mix of  classic Judaism, combined with choice selections from noted, 6th century heretical Christians, plus a very large dose of Arab tribalism and culture.

After more than 700 years, Muslim scholars have yet to successfully refute any of these essential truths.

Finally, this work serves as a short, advanced catechism of the principle tenets of Christianity, deftly explaining theological concepts that many modern Christians choose either to accept on faith alone, or to simply reject out of hand … but most fail to fully understand.

All the more reason this should be considered essential reading for every serious Christian.

Read De rationibus fidei contra Saracenos…

Read Summa Contra Gentiles

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