Op-Ed Piece on Pope Benedict’s True Role in Scandal Sets Record Straight

Re “Pope Benedict erred in scandal,” Wednesday letter:

Pope Benedict XVI is not just being treated unfairly, he is being attacked — savagely. About the the “priest” in Milwaukee, commentator Pat Buchanan wrote this week:

“That diabolical priest, Lawrence C. Murphy, was assigned to St. John’s School for the Deaf in 1950; before Joseph Ratzinger was even ordained. Reports of his abuse of the deaf children surfaced in the 1950s. However, under three archbishops, nothing was done. Police and prosecutors were alerted by parents of the boys. Nothing was done. Archbishop Weakland, who became archbishop in 1977, did not write to Rome until 1996. And as John Allen of National Catholic Reporter noted last week, Cardinal Ratzinger “did not have any direct responsibility for managing the overall Vatican response to the crisis until 2001. Prior to 2001, Ratzinger had nothing personally to do with the vast majority of sex abuse cases, even the small percentage which wound up in Rome. By the time Cardinal Ratzinger was commissioned by John Paul II to clean out the stable, Murphy had been dead for three years.”

The reporter for the New York Times, which has done much of the reporting on the controversy, did no investigation whatsoever. The judge who was in charge of the church hearing was not even interviewed. That this “priest” was a monster, I have no doubt. I have no doubt that the Times has been attacking the Catholic Church for years. The 97 percent of hard-working, holy, dedicated priests who serve their parishes day in day out are a blessing to all of us.

Andrew Piacente

Yonkers, NY

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