It’s high time the “God of love” showed us Catholics a bit of his wrath!

“Ticked off” Jesus – from the Book of Revelation

First of all, let me state for the record, that the 2nd Vatican Council was legitimately called, that it met all the usual standards for church councils, and for those reasons, I find no fault with it.

That said, the liberal, modernist cardinals, bishops and priests who led the POST-Vatican II revolution, and who were themselves led by some unknown, probably demonic, obtuse spirit, (most certainly NOT God, the Holy Spirit) couldn’t have done much more damage to the Catholic Church, if they had used molotov cocktails and guillotines.

In retrospect, a guillotine would have been more merciful, while the molotov cocktails would have been more efficient, and more in keeping with the times.

Instead, we Catholics have been forced to endure over forty years of what is more akin to “water boarding” … being slowly suffocated … one drop at a time … as those in charge patiently, stealthily, often gleefully, defiled and deconstructed that which took twenty centuries of God’s grace to build up.

Traditional religious art and statuary, which for many hundreds of years, served to teach and inspire both peasants and kings, is produced no longer.

Church buildings that had once reflected the glory of Heaven, are today, mostly banal structures, vaguely reminiscent of convention centers.

Religious orders, once the repository of all that was good in Western civilization, have either vanished, or turned into affinity groups for community organizers, gays and lesbians.

No one (except perhaps for Father Corapi) authoritatively teaches the Catholic faith, anymore. Local ordinaries act as celebrity toastmasters. Teaching, baptizing (and evangelizing) have all suffered in the process, but for a good cause!

The unofficial new tradition of the post-counciliar church is: “We don’t teach that anymore” (in English and Spanish, of course!)

“Social Justice” no longer refers to merely feeding the hungry, clothing the naked,  or housing the homeless. Today, we write big checks to groups that aren’t even Catholic, or if  we’re kind of preoccupied with local scandals … or attempting to curry favor with one politician or another … we write big checks to groups that are outright anti-Catholic

Theologians like St. Thomas Aquinas –  “the Angelic Doctor” – are out. Congar, Rahner, and Von Balthsar are in.

The radical types who took over all the universities, as well as the Democratic Party, may also be observed running the Catholic dioceses and seminaries!

Between all of them, it’s as though the Catholic Church was founded in Rome, on December 8, 1965 … by communists, socialists, homosexuals and feminists … and as of late … radical, eco-pagans.

Bishops are CEO’s of dioceses that are often worth a hundred million dollars, or more. With responsibility for that amount of assets, it’s no wonder they often don’t have the time or energy to properly monitor or support their priests. If only those assets were all in cash!

The Vatican bureaucracy, hobbled by communists, masons, and homosexuals … runs as always … ponderously … and strictly at it’s own pace … as if Heaven really can wait!

The Pope heroically carries on as best he can, under the circumstances. God love him.

Which brings us to the heart of the matter:

Like the lucky but habitual speeder, who usually got away scott-free, but was finally pulled over, even though he wasn’t speeding at the time … Pope Benedict and all his liberal, modernist pals (including Pope John Paul II) were the main cheerleaders at the 2nd Vatican Council, where they never met an innovation they didn’t like, and where they presided over ALL that followed.

They just couldn’t wait to “shake things up” … to bring the church out of the “dark ages” … to “open up the windows and let in some air” … and to “counter” all that was done and taught by the church, in the “bad old days”.

The huge dose of radical innovation set things a bit on fire, and failing to keep a close eye on it, that little fire eventually turned into a real blaze, a blaze that first heated things up in America, and now, is making the Vatican pretty hot, for our dear Pope!

So, whether or not the pope is actually guilty of any of the priestly abuse cover-ups that people are accusing him of, it’s good for him to suffer a bit. He deserves it. And if he’s smart, he’ll spread the pain around to his fellow bishops too, since suffering is integral to the authentic Catholic faith, and they can all use the practice.

Heaven knows, what remains of the faithful Catholic laity has been suffering … mostly in reverent silence … for over forty years!

I know I’m ticked off about all this … and I’m sure I don’t know the half of it. Imagine how ticked off someone would be if he could “read” people’s hearts and minds!

God bless Pope Benedict XVI … and all the bishops. I have a hunch they’re going to need it!

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