Sexual Identity Therapy (SIT) Framework provides rational cover for virtually any sexual disorder

Editor’s note: This is the type of morally vacuous, psychologically accommodating approach that for years, in the Catholic Church, got sexual predators moved from parish to parish, and from doctor to doctor, while offering virtually nothing to help fix the underlying problem of same sex attraction and disordered sexuality towards our youth.

Now it appears that some of our protestant brethren are getting set to attempt the same thing!

In this article, the folks at Illinois Family Institute (and others) take Grove City College professor Warren Throckmorton and Regent University professor Mark Yarhouse to task for their apparently heretical, accomodationist approach to sexual identity therapy, which basically states that those who, despite the abundantly clear Christian prohibitions against such behavior, “feel” that disordered sexuality is OK for them, are indeed correct, and hence, in no further need of therapy.

This is just another institutionalized form of “Pay to Play” or more correctly, “Pay to Sin”!

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