Anti-Defamation League (ADL) complains about criticism of Jewish abortionists

Abortion Holocaust                            WWII Era Holocaust

The ADL recently published a long-winded article complaining about the fact that members of the pro-life movement have routinely criticized abortionists who happen to be Jewish, for wantonly destroying innocent life in the womb.

The ADL also seems to think it has a copyright on the word “Holocaust”, since according to the ADL, the word has only one authentic meaning (the murder of Jews by the Nazis) … and woe be to anyone who dares to compare the six million Jews killed by Hitler with the fifty million killed in the abortuaries (many of whom are also undoubtedly of Jewish descent).

Here’s a paragraph or two  from the article … but you really ought to read the whole thing.

In 1993, an article in HLI’s newsletter declared: “Today, certain members of this people whose ancient religion and culture managed to survive Auschwitz and Buchenwald are presiding over the greatest Holocaust in the history of the world. American Jews have been leaders in establishing and defending the efficient destruction of more than 30 million preborn children in this country….Why are the victims of one Holocaust perpetrating another?”

The ADL should really go back and carefully read their own article. Then they might actually begin to realize that Jews are indeed overly represented in the abortion arena.

Too many Jewish babies being slaughtered.

Too many Jewish abortionists doing the slaughtering.

Too many Jewish lawyers (particularly in the ACLU, in the Congress, and in the courts, promoting and defending the abominable practice.

And of course, too many Jewish apologists attempting to defend the indefensible.

Abortion isn’t merely a Jewish problem. It’s a human rights issue of truly Biblical proportions … and the ADL ought to know better!

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