“Divine serendipity”: Muslims deny Jesus is God, deny Jesus died on the cross, yet choose Friday (the day Jesus sanctified by his death) for worship

When Mohamed decided which day to officially set aside for Muslim divine worship, Saturday and Sunday “were already taken” … so he chose … for no particular reason … Friday.

It’s also worthy of note that when most of today’s Muslims kneel and bow in the direction of the city of Mecca during their prayers, the vast majority of them are also facing towards Calvary.

Catholics have an old Latin saying:  “Lex orandi, Lex credendi”  … how you worship is how you believe.

The great devotion that Muslims have for the Blessed Virgin Mary, coupled with many other “divine coincidences” (the town of Fatima, Portugal, where the most important Marian apparitions of the 20th century occurred, is named after Mohamed’s only daughter … who became a Christian)  are certainly reasons for hope, no matter how dark things seem to appear, in the short term.

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