Judy Brown writes about progressivism, euthanasia, death, and you

We are witnessing yet another historic shift in the social definition of a good death, a shift toward diversity. Imagine us respecting a range of attitudes with which, and situations in which, people die. In Montana, the terminally ill may now define their own terms for freedom from unbearable physical or psychological suffering, and hopefully find their particular paths to sanity in their dying experiences.

In case you had a problem picking out all the current buzz words for hip, progressive thinking, think about these:

  • diversity = there is no good or evil
  • in the closet = killing others used be a no-no
  • good death = prescribed dying rather than dying because mortal life has ended
  • death with dignity = ending it all now rather than later
  • unnecessary suffering = someone else is tired of watching you die
  • freedom = even though you did not give yourself life, you have the right to end it anytime you see fit [or someone else does]
  • paths = personal feelings versus objective right and wrong

In other words, these new terms encompass just about anything that can be said to avoid admitting that there is a God and He does have laws. Some folks will really be surprised later on when life as we know it is over.

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