Scottish philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre defines liberalism

In liberalism, as MacIntyre explains it

Every individual is to be equally free to propose and to live by whatever conception of the good he or she pleases, derived from whatever theory or tradition he or she may adhere to, unless that conception of the good involves reshaping the life of the rest of the community in accordance with it.

And thus the “good” becomes a private matter:

We are presented, that is to say, with agents as if detached altogether from any conception of or perception of the good or goods… All preferences of all individuals are to be weighed in the same balance and accorded the same respect, no matter whose they are or what their grounding.

For a philosophical liberal, then, the contention that that there exists an objective and non-private human good for human nature is dangerous nonsense. He would also scorn claims that this good might have a definite, knowable nature which transcends personal preference and that it thus has public and even political relevance.

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