Who would have “thunk” it? Late artist Andy Warhol was a devout Byzantine Catholic.

A review from Amazon.com:

By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) s
This review is from: The Religious Art of Andy Warhol (Paperback)

In The Religious Art Of Andy Warhol, art historian and curator Jane Dillenberger explores the sources and manifestations of the controversial pop-artist’s spiritual side as revealed through his work. Especially his Skill paintings, the Warhol prints based on Renaissance religious artwork, his Cross paintings, and the large Warhol series based on “The Last Supper”. Warhol grew up on a Slovakian ghetto of Pittsburgh and experienced the elaborate and colorful rituals of the Byzantine Catholic Church. These influences also included his devout mother with whom he lived some forty of his fifty-eight years. The Religious Art Of Andy Warhol is a “must” for all Warhol fans, as well as students of 20th century American art.

Link to recent Reuters article


  1. Warhol was far too active in the homosexual underground, and his works too easily embraced by homosexuals and the world of pornography to be held out as a “practicing” Catholic. I do not think Heaven would be pleased with this book which along with so many others in this day, does nothing but blur what is and is not a Catholic who lives The Faith. His mother may have been devout but he was not. As one who attends a Ukranian Byzantine Catholic in Pittsburgh I take great offense.

    The very idea was so outrageous I just had to sign up with Word Press to make the comment. May God rest his soul but Warhol’s works is NOT for Catholic consumption.

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