Various addresses for writing complaint letters to the Vatican

When one is writing the Vatican to alert them to heresy, errors and abuses, the protocol to follow is usually to send originals letters addressed to some or all of the following. When reporting abuses, heresies, violations of Church law, etc., it is of critical importance that the sender include original backup documentation. This is much more important than documentation received via the Internet. Originals (not photocopies) of articles from newspapers or other publications, church bulletins, or other documentation that is published and distributed by official Church bodies, is really essential. (updated 11/23/09.)

[For mail to Rome, use a $.98 stamp for a letter/envelope weighing up to 1 oz.; use $1.82 stamp for a letter/envelope weighing from l oz. to 2 oz.]

[For more info on individual responsibilities and duties for each Curia office, go to:

Visit the site


  1. Hello. My Name is Eugene Murphy and was at St Francis Of Assie Boys School in Shefford Bedfordshire England for 5 years +. In that time i was Sexually Abused, Raped Beaten and many more things by the Priests and Nuns.. I have given my Story to The Dailey Mirror in London and i am also writing a Book about my Time at the School. I would like to tell Pope Francis about my time there and what happened before the Book is Published.. Any advice would be helpful. Thank You. I am an Author.

    EJP Murphy

  2. I suggest you write, phone or fax, using the precise information shown below. God bless you!


    His Holiness, Pope Francis
    Bishop of Rome
    Apostolic Palace
    Via del Pellegrino
    Citta del Vaticano
    Vatican City State, 00120
    phone: 011.3906.6988.10.22
    fax: 011.3906.6988.53.73

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