Deficiencies in Public Education

My son came home from the first day of school last year and told me that his social studies teacher had announced to the class that he was a passionate liberal and he hoped that there were a lot of conservative students in class because he liked to debate them. When I emailed this teacher to ask if my son had understood him correctly, I received an angry denial in return.

When I was in this teacher’s classroom for Parent Orientation Night last September, I noticed several posters on the walls: one of Malcolm X, four of organized labor, three posters of Che Guevara, and one of Chairman Mao. If these posters of historically important figures had been balanced with posters of historically important conservative figures, there would be no problem. But they were no posters of conservative men or women. This teacher’s posters clearly were not intended to educate students about history but to announce the philosophical and political viewpoints of the teacher — a paid public servant.

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