St. Louis area Jews, Catholics, and Jewish-Catholic converts still confused about their “identities”.

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According to the Catholic Catechism … the Last Supper and hence, the Mass … constitutes the prophetic, eternal fulfillment of the Jewish Passover, in the person of Jesus Christ.

In the great “Paschal Mystery” of our salvation, Jesus IS the Passover Lamb and Jesus IS the “Bread of Life. It was Jesus, on his way to Calvary, who truly embodied and personalized all the bitterness and tears suffered by the Jewish people over the span of some 1500 years (from Moses to Christ), and it is Jesus, the slain and risen Passover lamb, who alone has the power to redeem us and save us from eternal slavery to Satan, sin, and death.

The prophet Isaiah clearly explained that, long before the God incarnate Jesus ever walked the earth.

All of the ancient symbols incorporated into the Jewish seder meal point to the life and the sufferings of Jesus Christ, the Jewish Messiah, who was (and unfortunately, still is) rejected by the great majority of his Chosen People.

Truth be told, Jesus personally made obsolete the Jewish Passover Celebration, along with all the other Jewish Feast Days, as well as the whole of the old Law, when he sacrificed his life to give us an all new and much better (saving) covenant, in his blood.

Lest anyone think I harbor anything but love in my heart for my fellow man (Jew and Gentile alike) let me state for the record that I believe in freedom of religion, I respect all religions and I respect the dignity of every human being, without exception.

I just don’t understand why non-Catholics, whether Jewish, Muslim, Protestant, or otherwise … think they have any right whatsoever to tell Catholics how to live their faith. Religious freedom works both ways!

The “scary” thing is … in terms of basic theology and essential philosophy … Catholics have much more in common with Muslims … than they do with Jews.

So why are we Catholics still fooling around with seder meals and still attempting to placate apostate Jews? Where is this stuff coming from?

This article from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch provides some insight into the problem, at least in the St. Louis area. Read it and see if it makes any sense to you.

Hebrew Catholic website

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